Laser Weapon Systems

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Specializing in high-energy laser weapon systems, Lockheed Martin has a broad range of expertise and experience with advanced beam control, fiber-based spectral beam combining, specialized sensors, and system integration.

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    $FREDDIE Apr 21, 2016


  2. M1911A1FAN
    M1911A1FAN May 03, 2016

    Nice computer game visuals.

  3. 36469176
    36469176 Oct 30, 2017

    Human kind is and has been kept in a state of induced ignorance and servitude by lunatics that are running todays military. These folks that are doing this are beings that hate human beings. Such direct energy weapons are being used against us as in the Santa Rosa fires. We need to look inside ourselves and ask our selves, why would we fund the government to even create such weapons. We must begin the hard work of looking inside ourselves to see what is causing us to fund the government to create weapons that could possibly end the planet. Free your selves from the mind control you are in and free others.

  4. 36469176
    36469176 Oct 30, 2017

    And what about that Lockheed Martin Logo. "We never forget whom we are working for" You better not forget. You are working for the Hight elite. "The Brotherhood of the Serpents." I understand your logo. The 5 pointed star, pointing upwards symbolizes sovereignty. I have my sovereignty in check do you?

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