SAA Tank Turned Into Roman Candle

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An SAA tank in Daraya, Syria is engaged by FSA fighters with an antitank weapon resulting in a classic Roman candle. Don't miss the tanker jumping out after the torch burns off. Holy smokes!

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  1. 13378967
    13378967 Jan 28, 2013

    Did i just see someone getting out of that alive??

  2. NGENeer
    NGENeer Feb 03, 2013

    I had to look at it 5 times, full screen. It looks like he was on the other side of the tank, near the rear when it went off. The way he's holding his arms when he gets up, I think he was pretty well-done (roasted).

  3. 30357372
    30357372 Feb 08, 2013

    My heart dropped when i saw that guy running, god help us all

  4. superqqi
    superqqi Apr 27, 2013

    That dude either: got the hell outta dodge as soon as that thing got hit, or he got blown out while trying to beat the cook, or he was on the farside the whole time. He's definitely well done though. Poor dummy.

  5. 32628977
    32628977 Jul 10, 2014

    Watch the back of the tank before it gets hit. The guy was on the ground sneaking up on it, and I bet anything he set off a bomb or rpg on accident and was seriously hurt doing it.

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