Russian Combat Vehicles in US?

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Somewhere in America...are these Russian?

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  1. RentAscout
    RentAscout Sep 04, 2013

    Japan Type 74 Nana-yon Main battle tank and Mitsubishi Type 73 Light Truck. Friendly and probably training with the US.

  2. Echo5Delta1371
    Echo5Delta1371 Sep 04, 2013

    "these"? Looked like only one... and most likely a collector item

  3. pcmentor63
    pcmentor63 Sep 04, 2013

    I've got to get my proxy back up & running.. But the Answer is "yes". They are for the 12,000 Russian Troops hiding somewhere in the State of Florida (According to my info). Invited here by the Democrats (Nancy P Met Putin, & for some reason, got him to send troops to the USA. I would imagine so they can use them to help control the populations citizens, whenever the Economy take s a crap (Is my guess. Don't know for sure.) They don't have the riots they wanted yet, so maybe the PTB are just a tad worried our Military, When ordered to shoot American's, will do what the Egyptian Military did. "Refuse", & Fought for the other side. Generals, all the way down the Non Comm's deserted, & Kicked the Butts of their Own Government. Collapsing it. The Russians are here, & have been now for several weeks. Thats all I got, but its reliable (Except for my guess as to why they r here).. But we'll find out in due time. I just pray they go back to Russia, without conflicts with America's. I don't recall any grudges between American'ss & the Russians since the cold war (so called) ended. I like Russians, but I will defend my family.

  4. pcmentor63
    pcmentor63 Sep 04, 2013

    ECHO5DELTA1371: After taking a look t that Tank, Granted.. Its only 1, but i believe (Correct me please if i'm wrong) its a t-90, & its not decked out in some of the modern weapons like the t90S's, but if you were a foreign power, asked by a host country to, "Help The PTB kill, & control citizens, if the host countries own Military refuses.. Would you A. Bring those tanks in slowly, & 1 or 2 at a time. Or B. Do what they are doing with those jeeps, & Bring 6 at a time. No one cares about jeeps, but we see 6 Russian Tanks being delivered to a unknown location inside our "Homeland" (I hate that word! Hitler, Stalin, & other evil people throughout history used it. And now we are using it, having been coined here by Bush Jr. Anyways..I want to be wrong about this, & you be right.. Just making an observation, that I should have made with my first comment. Does anyone know where in the USA this Video was shot?

  5. madwarrior
    madwarrior Sep 04, 2013

    Not Russian but Japanese vehicles. They do lots of training here in the States. I've seen them at Yakima Training Center, WA ( almost ran them over with an M1 Abrams tank, they were standing in the middle of the tank trail). Also seen them at Fort Irwin NTC, CA

  6. coastiebrian
    coastiebrian Sep 05, 2013

    As far as the's not's a Japanese Type 74. The main gun is clearly a British L7 105mm gun, which was the staple for non-Warsaw Pact MBTs from the 1950s through 1970s, and are still used today.

  7. 25787541
    25787541 May 07, 2014

    Yes it is the Type 74. It is not headed to a collection as the tank is still on active duty in Japan. The second truck is carrying type 73 utility vehicles. The video was taken in Washington state- look at the billboard 8 seconds into the video- you can see the advertisement and telephone number- the 25x-xxx-xxxx is most certainly a "253" which is a Tacoma area code. The tank and vehicles are most certainly bound for Yakima Training Center. I have seen the JGSDF there when I was training there.

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