12 Fiery Tank Explosions

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They may be the most heavily armored vehicles to hit the battlefield, but that doesn’t make them immune to precision missiles and their explosive impact.

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  1. Hooksdown
    Hooksdown Oct 23, 2014

    Bill Maulding summed it up by saying, "A moving foxhole attracts the eye.

  2. galloglas
    galloglas Oct 25, 2014

    The music sucked. The snackbars sucked. Tooting the horn of the enemy sucks. This video totally sucked.

  3. GadsdenFlag
    GadsdenFlag Oct 30, 2014

    So -- just exactly who is this video portray as the "shooters" and who are the tank owners? Since each video represents an applause with an Allah Ackbar -- I have to presume the rockets are being fired by Muslims. If so -- why is this on Military.com video channel? It's clearly not a uniformed military unit doing any firing -- so that leads to the logical conclusion that this could well be ISIS militants firing at U.S. tanks.

  4. majrod
    majrod Oct 30, 2014

    Informative but not cool. I could have done without all the "allah akbars".

  5. WaltzBL
    WaltzBL Oct 31, 2014

    I agree with the other comments.....who is shooting at who....? We can only guess that the "allah akbars" or what ever that nonsense is, that they...the shooter's... are the bad guys. Please screen your video's a little more carefully.

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