M60A1 is a Real Life Military Transformer

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The M60 AVLB is an armored vehicle based on the M60 Patton main battle tank chassis used for the launching and retrieval of a 60 feet (18 m) scissors-type bridge. The AVLB consists of three major sections: the launcher, the vehicle hull, and the bridge.

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  1. Sword100
    Sword100 Dec 28, 2014

    I love it when we reinvent the wheel. The Brits had a "funny" that did the same thing on D-Day on Normandy. Americans laughed at it. Why aren't they laughing now? I also saw a video about the Ukrainians using home made anti-RPG metal fencing on a BMD-1. We used the same fencing around our bunkers in VN for the same reason. In both cases the home made anti-RPG netting worked as required. Wonder how much fence metal netting costs versus exploding armor? We'll never know because the War Pofiteers like Cheney and Rumsfeld would never let us know. Sometimes low tech works better than high, certainly is cheaper.

  2. REMF1970-1992
    REMF1970-1992 Dec 28, 2014

    Get a grip - this is new technology Sword

  3. Sword100
    Sword100 Dec 29, 2014

    GOV54321, can't tell if you are just funning me, or if you are too stupid to realize that the technology is old but uses modern equipment or that low tech that works cost much less by a million times than exploding armor. I'm presuming that as an AF guy you are not stupid so you are being sarcastic.

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