DARPA's Ground X-Vehicle Technology

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September 05, 2014. GXV-T Envisions Future Armored Ground Vehicles that Could Sprint, Dodge and Shield Their Way Out of Danger. One of the key goals of DARPA's Ground X-Vehicle Technology (GXV-T) program is improving the survivability of ground-based armored fighting vehicles by increasing vehicle agility. Vehicle agility involves the ability to autonomously avoid incoming threats, either by rapidly moving out of the way or reconfiguring the vehicle so incoming threats have a low probability of hitting and penetrating—all without injuring the occupants in the process. This concept video illustrates three of many potential approaches: active repositioning of armor, burst acceleration and suspensions that would enable the vehicle to dodge. Ground-based armored fighting vehicles and their occupants have traditionally relied on armor and maneuverability for protection. The amount of armor needed for today’s threat environments, however, is becoming increasingly burdensome and ineffective against ever-improving weaponry. GXV-T seeks to develop revolutionary technologies to enable a layered approach to protection that would use less armor more strategically and improve vehicles’ ability to avoid detection, engagement and hits by adversaries. Such capabilities would enable smaller, faster vehicles in the future to more efficiently and cost-effectively tackle varied and unpredictable combat situations.

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  1. 12638683
    12638683 Jan 17, 2015

    Truly disappointed that this is the best DARPA can produce for an idea. Just yesterday I saw this Russian proposal, Needless to say I was impressed. I know we can produce Better platforms-check out the design idea for troop recovery and Protection. Herb Ramsey, SMSgt, USAF, (Ret) http://www.military.com/video/combat-vehicles/combat-tanks/russian-unmanned-combat-vehicle/3204528253001/ Thanks for ur time, available, along with several thousand ex's That would more than love to help this effort along.

  2. W_R_Monger
    W_R_Monger Jun 23, 2015

    That is utterly ridiculous! The laws of physics alone make that tech a joke. It would seem that we must forever be on a continual learning curve when it comes to track verses wheeled vehicles. has anyone ever, I mean seriously ever seen a wheeled main battle tank?? That’s because the tracked carriage system is proven to accommodate nearly all potential scenarios, while wheeled forward combat vehicles get mired in mud or have to wait while an obstacle that would be easily crossed by a tracked vehicle is removed. The mindset of those holding the purse strings is dysfunctionally [sic] baffling...

  3. 35070311
    35070311 May 04, 2016

    Wrong wheel design Send me a email rcrivesud@yahoo.com

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