Joint Light Tactical Vehicle | Bullet Points

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Want to know about the Joint Light Tactical Vehicle? Here’s a couple quick bullet point facts.

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  1. 33354260
    33354260 Nov 28, 2015

    New Vehicle hope it has a V hull for mines and IED' it don't.... it's worthless as the up Armored HMMMV l worked KBR Recovery from 2005 to 2008 at BIAP off of Irish and all points around Baghdad. Picked up a lot of battle damaged vehicles, l saw what a large IED/EFP'S can do to a flat bottom up armored Hmmmv and non armored cab over Merc' tractor trailers total burn jobs, Bradley's total burn job too Yankee

  2. Norah10
    Norah10 Nov 28, 2015

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    ELDERLYREPTILE Dec 04, 2015

    I STILL wouldn't drive this thing off-road in a combat zone without 2-3 layers of sandbags on the floor.

  4. 34616000
    34616000 Dec 04, 2015

    what was the reason for them not adding the V Hull?? Budget cuts or ????

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