Dragon Skin Body Armour (Part 1)

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Dragon Skin is a type of ballistic vest made by Pinnacle Armor. It is currently produced in Fresno, California. Its characteristic two-inch-wide circular discs overlap like scale armor, creating a flexible vest that allows a good range of motion and can allegedly absorb a high number of hits compared with other military body armor. The discs are composed of silicon carbide ceramic matrices and laminates, much like the larger ceramic plates in other types of bullet resistant vests.

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  1. 34876427
    34876427 Mar 01, 2016

    where do you buy dragon skin armorer

  2. 18544966
    18544966 Aug 01, 2016

    It seems like Pinicle Armor is out of business? Does anyone know where you can purchase new dragon skin body armor? Bill bcrowleyjr@hotmail.com

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