Iran Unveils New Smart Weapons System

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Iran unveils another part of its military potential as the US and Israel continue their threats against Iran's nuclear facilities. The latest item unveiled by Iran's defense minister is a smart ammunition system titled “BASIR”, its main objective is to enhance Iran's defense capability during military threats. Basir is an Iranian artillery fired laser-guided, 155 mm explosive projectile designed to destroy enemy tanks, vehicles and other moving or non-moving targets with high precision. This weapon is similar in function with Russian Kransnopol or American M712 Copperhead. These shells were unveiled in 1/30/2012 at the first day of so called "Daheye Fajr", a key point during the Islamic Revolution by defense minister Ahmad Vahidi. He later added that this system is very useful in mountainous areas. Iranian TV showed some footage of the weapon being fired from an HM 41 at land and sea targets. It has a reported range of 20 km.

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  1. CW3cwjeep
    CW3cwjeep Feb 02, 2012

    Its Russian, Iranians are to stupid.

  2. CyrusThaVirus
    CyrusThaVirus Feb 09, 2012

    That's the US technology stlen by Chinese cyber spies (or may be the Russians) now in hands of Iranian regime China and Russia are using Iran and its terrorist proxies as their own proxy against the west

  3. 33482127
    33482127 Dec 21, 2014

    u Russians need to calm down. just because you sold 2..3 missiles to Iran doesn't make every weapons Russian. plus, why everyone thinks that Iran is building weapon to terrorizes other countries! for the past 200 years the only war Iran had was against Iraq which we didn't even started it! and I've never heard any Iranian name come up as a terrorist or suicide bomber! yes, few has claim Hezbollah is for Iran but Hezbollah itself has announced countless times that Iran has no control over them! and we all know that it was CIA who created Hezbollah! plus we are fighting ISIS along with U.S and the west so how r we against west or terrorist???

  4. 28530828
    28530828 Feb 09, 2015

    I was once told that! now, this was in the early 1980s that the Iranians are just stupid by nature their culture has not progressed enough to develop arms without soviet help they received technology far beyond their comprehension to even use In short they went from jack ass to a automobile over night same with their jets and weapons they're just not capable of anything that smart

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