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Female Soldier Grenade Toss Fail

Made in China, what more to say.

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  1. 7410646
    7410646 May 10, 2013

    Yeah, put her on the front line!!!!! I don't see women in combat!!!

  2. 7410646
    7410646 May 10, 2013

    Yeah, polictically correctness flags the last comment, I don't give a damn about political correctness!

  3. 17240966
    17240966 May 10, 2013

    Yep, throws like a girl!! I guess the NCOs standing by her didn't bother to teach proper throwing techniques in a PMI or any type of class!!?? Idiots kill other idiots!!

  4. Cpl_Agarn
    Cpl_Agarn May 11, 2013

    Another reason not to put women in combat units. They are going to get someone killed.

  5. Haunter
    Haunter May 11, 2013

    This very well couldve been a guy, it was a mistake, and men make same mistakes. If women want to be on front lines, let them join us men. I see more women work harder and bitch less then men.

  6. ArnoldJRimmer
    ArnoldJRimmer May 11, 2013

    People might want to look up Sgt. Leigh Ann Hester and Specialist Monica Lin Brown before pontificating about women not being in combat, or not being able to hack combat. They both won the Silver Star, Hester in Iraq, and Brown in Afghanistan. And of course Soviet artillery, bomber, fighter, and tank regiments "manned" entirely by women got plenty of Germans killed on the Russian Front during WW2.

  7. soldier2000x
    soldier2000x May 11, 2013

    and thats why women should not be in combat.

  8. Sword100
    Sword100 May 11, 2013

    7410646: if you go to the videos linked directly to this one, you will see three males fail the grenade throw. There are about 10,000 more in old "shock and awe" videos. Are you in one of them? Of note is that the Chinese (?) training does not involve Kevlar of any type. Most American grenade training presumes FUBAR and everyone wears their combat gear. As long as standards aren't relaxed for males or females, I'm all for women in combat - they are mean as snakes because they always have to show themselves to be better than you. I've met males who couldn't fight their way out of a wet paper bag and I've met females who could probably beat your *ss in a fair or unfair fight. Go figure.

  9. 17130516
    17130516 May 12, 2013

    ArnoldjRimmer shut the f-uck up

  10. usmcjsy1
    usmcjsy1 May 14, 2013

    With women coming into combat roles we will see a lot more of these videos coming.

  11. 2698006
    2698006 May 14, 2013

    People this video looks fake. The grenade went over the sandbag barrier, but the explosion occurs inside the barrier. I simply don't believe this was a real incident. I can't tell for sure if they are US soldiers or Afghan soldiers. If US, then they wouldn't be conducting grenade training without wearing their battle rattle equipment. That's SOP.

  12. 26166045
    26166045 May 14, 2013

    First off according to this post this was in China. Our DI'S train soldiers how to toss grenades that are not real, they are of the same weight so they get the feel of a real grenade and as you also can see she tried to throw it not toss it in the correct fashion taught by our DI'S. So this has nothing to do with US women in combat, As one person says look up the two women who have received Silver Stars. Our soldiers are trained properly and are fully capable of conducting combat missions.

  13. 4950316
    4950316 May 14, 2013

    I think your supposed to throw the grenade and not the pin. Looks like a 3 Stooges routine.

  14. Erichs
    Erichs May 14, 2013

    Chinese I see.

  15. reddevilinbaggypants
    reddevilinbaggypants May 14, 2013

    I was in the light/parachute infantry for 26.5 years, I was also a basic training Drill Sergeant and I have to say that we trained the females how to properly throw a grenade well before they actually threw a live grenade. In answer to one of the comments made about females receiving the Silver Star. A female received the Silver Star as a result of being one of the many Soldiers that repelled an ambush on their convoy about midway during the war in Iraq. The male Soldier within arms length of her, repelling the same ambush in the same manner as she received no award, but she did. The video I thought was actually funny, since no one was hurt. Even during the invasion of Panama while under fire and one of my men laid in the fetal position wounded, we were all laughing and joking about the rounds flying past us through the high cuna grass.

  16. 13657540
    13657540 May 14, 2013

    That's why they work out better in the kitchen, and bedroom... Oh there are several who can toss a MEAN baseball, and therefore toss the hell out of the hand gerandes....keep them by all means and dump those who act as this video depicted!!!!! What a joke!!!!

  17. uscgps1
    uscgps1 May 14, 2013

    bring's new meaning to the phrase "you throw like a girl" .

  18. 10440293
    10440293 May 14, 2013

    Some of you dogs sound like a bunch of latent homos with ego issues. I think the smallest Israeli female soldier could probably kick your sorry butts without too much effort. I served in the Army when basic training was all us guys, and in 3 years time I saw two of those "grenade failures" that looked pretty much the same as on the video.

  19. JO1_Murdock_Ret
    JO1_Murdock_Ret May 14, 2013

    When I was with the Seabees we used training grenades to practice with. The were the same size and weight as the real thing but only made a loud bang when they went off. I understand the need to train with the real thing but the instructors should have had her and everyone else practice throwing a training grenade first. Training rounds are a lot less expensive than a death or pernanent injury benefit.

  20. 3310168
    3310168 May 14, 2013

    ArnoldJRimmer - I just looked up those two female soldiers you're referring to, and both got medals for doing what EVERY man in combat is expected to do. This is a good example of different standards for men and woman in the military.

  21. 15713695
    15713695 May 14, 2013

    Throws just like Obama

  22. ArnoldJRimmer
    ArnoldJRimmer May 14, 2013

    17130516 Same to you, moron.

  23. RateMyChainofCommand
    RateMyChainofCommand May 15, 2013

    Put her on

  24. 65USMC67RVN69
    65USMC67RVN69 May 15, 2013

    I seem to remember back in the old days of 1965 the first thing they taught you to do was throw the grenade like a baseball, with a big wind up, and until you could satisfy the PMI you could throw a rock a safe distance you weren't allowed within 10 feet of a live grenade. When the pin is pulled, Mr. Grenade is no longer our friend!

  25. inwinger
    inwinger May 15, 2013

    Who is the idiot that gave her a live grenade before evaluating her with practice grenades? The mistake is this isn't a good training example!!! She never received the proper training or she would know more the proper hold and delivery of a grenade.

  26. imtoofastforyou2
    imtoofastforyou2 May 15, 2013

    the end result of gender neutral standards!!!!

  27. imtoofastforyou2
    imtoofastforyou2 May 15, 2013

    My God, you're all supposed to be military personnel, yet here you are acting like anonymous spineless cowardly jellyfish, If you're to big of a coward to put your ID on your remarks and maybe a picture of yourself, maybe just maybe you should shut up. Grow some sack, stand behind your remarks whatever they maybe.

  28. antietam1958
    antietam1958 May 15, 2013

    I know one thing for sure before she left that box on the range that day she would know how to throw a grenade the right way; and for sure a grater distant then she did to start with

  29. rog1015
    rog1015 May 15, 2013


  30. Ninja03
    Ninja03 May 16, 2013

    Can you say, Jerry's kid lives. Thank God her NCOIC's survived her incompetence.

  31. reallyoldmasterchief
    reallyoldmasterchief May 16, 2013

    Looked like Obama throwing out the first pitch.

  32. USSChallenger
    USSChallenger May 16, 2013

    I thought they would use fake grenades first. Well that's why I would not be a instructor for something like that: firearms, driving anything where a student might accidentally kill me.

  33. 20366434
    20366434 May 16, 2013

    Looked like a decent effort to provide a demonstration for looking out for your partner. The guy does a great job of keeping enough sense to grab her and face plant her into the bunker. Bet that will leave an impression on her for awhile. I wager that most would instinctively think of self preservation in that situation.

  34. SPECFX
    SPECFX May 18, 2013


  35. 30688015
    30688015 May 21, 2013

    That shows that making women in the military to join combat units is a huge mistake....come on people live the combat for man only or our military will fail!!

  36. 26953663
    26953663 May 21, 2013

    I have never personally seen a female soldier hrow a Hand Grenade the minimum safe distance. I have seen a few hundred throw them about 3' high and about 2' down range. Thats why there are plywood ramps in front of throwing positions at most US grenade ranges.

  37. ArabellaDrummond
    ArabellaDrummond May 31, 2013

    why do most of you asshole's have to hate on women? 2698006 why dont you read this article before you make a claim like that.

  38. iprazhm
    iprazhm Jun 27, 2013

    Being a female medic in the FLANG for 8 yrs, I can honestly and objectively say that the vast majority of females in the military, that I came in contact with should have NEVER been there. And by no means should ever serve in any combat situation. I am also of the firm belief that females should never serve alongside males, isolated from the majority. It's just plain common sense. Which, unfortunately seems to be in crucially short supply under this administration...

  39. iprazhm
    iprazhm Jun 27, 2013

    Being a female medic in the FLANG for 8 yrs, I can honestly and objectively say that the vast majority of females in the military, that I came in contact with should have NEVER been there. And by no means should ever serve in any combat situation. I am also of the firm belief that females should never serve alongside males, isolated from the majority. It's just plain common sense. Which, unfortunately seems to be in crucially short supply under this administration...

  40. 31598029
    31598029 Dec 11, 2013

    No. She couldn't throw it far enough.BullFeathers.

  41. Hornet_Handler
    Hornet_Handler Mar 07, 2014

    Hey I wonder if she can do a single pull-up. Or is she one of the girls saying the training is too tough an needs to be lighten in boot so she can feel empowered.

  42. BS19701992
    BS19701992 May 30, 2014


  43. 16785713
    16785713 4 weeks ago

    The only thing I want to see is you throw 40 pounds of protective gear and 60, 80, or 100 pounds of provisions on them and tell them to climb a mountain with a 45 degree grade or worse. WHY? Because that is what your infantry does every day!

  44. 16785713
    16785713 4 weeks ago

    You can read the regs 140 pounds is considered a move up pack in rough terrain where trucks can't go and helicopters dare not tread. Think bullets flying, 140 pounds!

  45. 16785713
    16785713 4 weeks ago

    PS: If this scares you don't join the infantry.

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