Behind the Barrel: Reloaded

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Hosted by Master Sergeant Mike Klock (ret.). In this episode of "Behind the Barrel: Reloaded," Mike pits the AK-47’s 7.62 x 39 round against the M16’s 5.56 x 45 round to see which one is better.

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  1. 14698718
    14698718 Mar 09, 2016

    Nice review--thanks. My choice is a Ruger Mini-30 with Russian ammo since I'm not a recreational shooter with long guns. Admitted that setup is not super accurate but with my aged eyes it's good enough (shoots better than I do) with the help of a red-dot sight. Old Medic

  2. Paladin76063
    Paladin76063 Mar 09, 2016

    Nice job Mike. I go with option three: 6MM with a 100 grain projo.

  3. 15691326
    15691326 Mar 10, 2016

    I was originally trained on the M-14 (7.62mm round) and later on the M-16 (5.56mm round)rifles. I qualified expert on both weapons, I felt that the 7.62 round provided much better accuracy than the 5.56. I training we were told by the DI the 7.62 round could penetrate a telephone pole, was it true I don't know.

  4. 32395061
    32395061 Mar 16, 2016

    I prefer the 7.62 but not the AK47. The 7.62 round has a longer rang when it is fired from the M14. What is the difference between the AK47 7.62 and M14 7.62. Can they be fired from each other's rifle? M14 is a great hunting rifle.

  5. SeaDog_76
    SeaDog_76 Mar 16, 2016

    7.62 was far superior for shooting at muzzle flashes in bushes in Vietnam.

  6. 34139096
    34139096 Mar 18, 2016

    I prefer the 5.56 round for it accuracy and range. A properly placed shot will put an enemy down and keep them down. Because it is a lighter round more ammo may be carried by ground troops.

  7. 34653572
    34653572 Mar 18, 2016

    How about comparing 5.7X28 to 45acp to 9mm since there is so much contraversy re new pistol? Might interest quite a few people.

  8. 32395061
    32395061 May 24, 2016

    I qualified exp w/the M14 in the 1967 Army Ft Lewis, WA. The military should have made the M14 lighter to become the standard issue weapon. The M14 is much to good to be replaced by the M16. The trade off is less stopping vs striking the enemy even if he is standing behind a tree. My platoon is one chosen to test the M16 after the barrel was improved to stop the M16 from jamming in the field. Spc5 Broderick PS. The 5.56 round was said to change trajectory when it struck a leaf. I never saw a 5.56 tumble so I would test that, over 400 yards, before fighting with it. The M14 is a good hunting rifle too.

  9. 34950025
    34950025 Oct 17, 2016

    Having fired both rounds it seems to me it's more about the rifle than the round. The 5.56 I fire now are through a Russian SKS. I find it extremely accurate out to about 200 meters. That's with steel sights. The M-16 round was very accurate at 100 meters. I fired expert with this rifle during my time in the Air Police 1966-1970. We had to switch to M-1 Carbine, .30 cal when our rifles were needed for troops in Viet Nam. I fired expert with the "old" carbine. My issue rifle was made in 1945. One year younger than I was. The SKS is an excellent rifle that I like very much. It doesn't seem to get as hot as the carbine with similar number of rounds down range. Which is best is really dependent on the rifle in my opinion. I prefer the SKS.

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