New Black Hornet Nano Spycam

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Sergeant Carl James Boyd demonstrates how the Norwegian-designed Black Hornet Nano will be used for surveillance operations in Afghanistan.The drones can fly around corners and obstacles to identify potential hidden dangers, the Ministry of Defence has said. It features a tiny camera and relays video and still images to a handheld control terminal.It measures about 10cm by 2.5cm (4in by 1in) and weighs 16g (0.6oz).Sergeant Boyd described the piece of kit as a "lifesaver".

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  1. wikkid1
    wikkid1 Feb 15, 2013

    There's absolutely nothing "nano" about that piece, it's friggin HUGE!!(at least compared to anything on the nano scale.) And yeah, wind is obviously the biggest problem with a flying piece of such size... if there's a decent strength steady wind you'll be finding these hornet things all over the place, they'll just get blown out of the control range and run out of power... especially considering that they only have 20min of power available to begin with. Seems like a good idea, but probably more trouble then its' worth. It's nothing terribly complicated making an RC vehicle that can carry a camera. The problem is making it small while at the same time keeping the maneuverability and a power source that allows sufficient operation time. Personally I wouldn't call 20 minutes sufficient... you pretty much have to be sitting on top of your target to be able to use something like these hornet things.

  2. MecEngDvr
    MecEngDvr Feb 15, 2013

    wikkid1..... I think I would give a bit more credence to the opinion of the guy with boots on the ground who has used the hornet in combat. Your armchair assessment is ...typical for armchair assessments.

  3. 6367307
    6367307 Feb 15, 2013

    1:50 - 1:55, what the heck did he say?

  4. MecEngDvr
    MecEngDvr Feb 15, 2013

    He said the following at the end of the video(1:50 - 1:55) "That there is a life saver for the next six months of my tour sir. This is a good bit of kit."

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