C-130 Performs Extreme Demo

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Outstanding C-130 extreme demo!

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  1. bronchae
    bronchae Dec 22, 2011

    Did the co-pilot call the pilot "General" as they are turning off the runway?

  2. C130H FE
    C130H FE Dec 22, 2011

    It appears they busted the bank angle limit (45) with the flaps extended after takeoff.

  3. Sword100
    Sword100 Dec 27, 2011

    I love it when AF guys horse around over populated areas! I guess the B 52 going down when a commander flew dangerously has no effect on current pilots. I have no problems with flying like a stud in combat or over the desert, but over a city. STUPID!!!

  4. Sword100
    Sword100 Dec 28, 2011

    The want to be AF stud who crashed the B52 also had a lot of hours. Doesn't make you smart when you endanger your crew and civilians on the ground.

  5. spooclark
    spooclark Dec 29, 2011

    He's a civilian test pilot that works for Lockheed. The Air Force would never tolerate somebody throwing a herc around the sky like that...trust me.

  6. 26233167
    26233167 Jan 02, 2012

    Pretty cool flight. I wonder where it was shot. State and city

  7. RolloverRiderPGR
    RolloverRiderPGR Jan 02, 2012

    AHH Sword100 From the sound of the conservations and a count down time I'd say they were actually doing a test but the thing is they were having way too much fun at work! LOVE IT! That IS the sounds of freedom being improved!

  8. 5652950
    5652950 Jan 04, 2012

    @Sword--Without folks like this that risk their own lives every day to protect your butt, you wouldn't be on here posting with the freedoms that you have...Can an AF brother get a "Roger That"?...

  9. eaglei22
    eaglei22 Jan 04, 2012

    Sword is right, you don't do this over a city.. Did you guys not see the F-18 that crashed into a house killing a family? If the guy wants to risk his life to improve the aircraft or benefit for studies, great.. but like said do that kind of test over the desert.. Doing stuff like that does not protect mine, or anyone else's freedom.

  10. Docisin
    Docisin Jan 11, 2012

    Pretty awesome exhibition of the aircraft. As for the negative comments, everything is risk-benefit. I am sure the pilots did it prior to take-off and excellent CRM (crew resource management) was in use as you can hear in the audio. To the gentleman referencing the FA-18 crash, you obviously have no idea what happened since the pilot was doing DLQ carrier off shore and experienced a fuel system malfunction. He was diverted home and the fuel system totally fail on final approach. To attempt to say he was an example of poor flying and poor judgement is wrong, totally wrong. You should probably remove the carrier and hornet from you profile pic for that assumption. Living near the World's Largest Master Jet Base and seeing these professional aviators every day, they are trained to do everything in their power to ensure a positive end to every flight.

  11. CatamaranSailor33133
    CatamaranSailor33133 Jun 28, 2012

    Paint that beast in the Thunderbird paint scheme and send it to an air show near me!!!

  12. 30283999
    30283999 Jan 20, 2013

    Ramstein AB Germany!! 37th Airlift Squadron

  13. 30825671
    30825671 Jun 03, 2013

    Come on, folks...it's an airshow routine, designed in large part to sell more C-130s. The "city and state" is Paris, France...and the aircraft is taking part in that city's world famous airshow and exposition. If you're advertising your product as being a tactical airlifter, demonstrating it by flying in gentle circles won't sell more airplanes.

  14. 24365629
    24365629 Oct 09, 2013

    Sword100 he is testing the limits showing other pilots how to do it to take off "tactful" at BIAP it has to be done this way to keep from getting shot down. He has to do it there because that's where the base is I'm an army veteran of Iraq. And. Live near Tyndall they are good and are etching next generations!

  15. Geezrr
    Geezrr Jan 24, 2014

    Google Earthed the Paris Airshow and found the airport. Le Bourget Airport. Runway and buildings match the video. Awesome flying tho. Glad I wasn't in the back of it.

  16. 32086760
    32086760 Jan 28, 2014

    Sorry, this Pilot is neither cool nor professional. This is extremely dangerous to do over a populated area and his license should be yanked immediately.

  17. petermike19
    petermike19 Jul 12, 2014

    As a former AW who flew on P3 Orions, I loved this video! We had the same engines as a C 130 but were lighter, but I never get tired of seeing these "big boys" maneuver at their limits. We could never compete with fighters, but when you see what a big boy like this can do, it is truly amazing. Stifle your whining you whimps: when the poop hits the fan, you better hope you are flying with a pilot like this. Go Navy but hats off to this Air Force driver.

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