V-22 Osprey | Bullet Points

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Want to know about the V-22 Osprey? Here are a couple quick bullet point facts.

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  1. 34703378
    34703378 Jan 06, 2016

    I was in on the design and development of the V-22 at WPAFB,OH. Why is it that only the Marines will fly it and not the Air Force nor the Army. It is unsafe. It has many "single Point Failure Modes" The aircraft props are 19 feet in diameter each. Where is the refueling probe located?? right between the props. It is a mishap waiting to occur. It lacks crash survibability. The troop seats are not crash worthy. It cannot fly on just one engine and must lift off and land in the helicopter mode. I can go on and on why this is an unsafe A/C.

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