Top 10 Low Pass Jet Flybys

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#10 F-16 (Royal Netherlands Airforce) #6 Blue Angels F-18 (Cleveland) #5 Harrier low pass #4 Alpha Jet (Belgian Airforce) #3 Mirage F1CT & L'onnaire - Chad #1 Blue Angels F-18 (SF Fleet Week 2007) Do you know the other high speed fly-bys?

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  1. Ginz1973
    Ginz1973 Mar 26, 2011

    The no.3 flyby has to be fake since the crewman standing there wasn't toppled by the jetblast or the airflow around the aircrafts fuselage.

  2. 23562986
    23562986 Apr 10, 2011

    I had a friend that flew A7 s. I was building a house under their normal flight patern. You know, you do not hear them till after they are past! I was working on the roof and the son of a gun buzzed me so close he knocked be down! He did wave after he went past. I miss Bill. May he rest in peace! He was a good friend.

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