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F-35A Jet Racks Up a 20:1 Kill Ratio at Air Combat Exercise

Footage of the F-35A Lightning II (Joint Strike Fighter) aircraft from the 388th Fighter Wing at Hill AFB, UT, as participation in exercise Red Flag 17-1 at Nellis AFB. The F-35A racked up 145 kills, 7 losses, which is a 20:1 ratio.

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  1. 35960567
    35960567 4 weeks ago

    I'm glad me and so many others appear to be growing wrong on our assumptions of the F35, hope it continues!

  2. 35568203
    35568203 4 weeks ago

    I can't wait until they add the THAAD Laser to it to take out incoming missles and have a laser defense where the middle Turbine for lift is.

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