F-16 vs. Tree

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When your aircraft is telling you you're too low to the ground, you might want to listen.

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  1. 9143411
    9143411 Oct 11, 2011

    I help make and build parts for that bird at GD in Abilene Tx from 1982-1992.In it's time there were none better.Was in SAC from 1957-1961 at Dyess AFB also in Abilene Tx

  2. Raysipse
    Raysipse Oct 11, 2011

    Well there's nap of the earth...and nap plus!

  3. 14078115
    14078115 Oct 12, 2011

    I worked on the F-16 from 1980 until 2000. The engine in this F-16 at Nellis was a F100-PW-200, you can tell by the engine exhaust turkey feathers, which are quite different from the F110-GE-100 /129 which is also installed in the F-16

  4. P40bob
    P40bob Oct 12, 2011

    tHE ENGINE IN THE F16 is a Pratt & Whitney, P100. Developed at FRDC , west palm beach, fla. Produced in east Hardford, connicutt.

  5. mmannske
    mmannske Oct 12, 2011

    this is an old video from the 80s. guy was a weapons school grad (a requirement for mishaps). f-16 is the most fragile in the inventory. obviously hit only twigs and needles. if this was an a-10, only a stump would have been left.

  6. screecwe
    screecwe Oct 12, 2011

    God that music was awful.

  7. MarvinEAJr
    MarvinEAJr Oct 12, 2011

    Time for this pilot to buy a lottery ticket!

  8. GoatDriver1957
    GoatDriver1957 Oct 12, 2011

    I can hear the driver as listening to the music, "I can drive this bird", "I can drive this bird", "I can drive this.....did something hit me?". The pilot must have watched voids the night before of the hot French Mirage disturbing the sands on the desert floor and canyon walls, knowing his machine wasn't going to be outdone.

  9. GoatDriver1957
    GoatDriver1957 Oct 12, 2011

    Voids = vids

  10. Greg_Sellinger
    Greg_Sellinger Oct 12, 2011

    In 72 I was working F-4Ds in Ubon Thailand when one came back with tree branches in the left leading edge slat, hunks of wood in the aux air door, flap, and aileron. Also, the drop tank was ripped open and half the left horizonal stab was missing. When I asked the pilot why he flew through the trees both he and the back seater had no idea what I was talking about. When they looked at the damage both replied if they knew they hit like that they would have gotten out and walked home. At least the films showed they managed to hit their target but it took three weeks to get that bird flying again.

  11. DPBrick
    DPBrick Oct 13, 2011

    The F-16 in the "F-16 vs tree" video had a Pratt & Whitney F100 engine. At 3:00, you can see the smaller intake (than the GE F110 variants) and at 3:13, the characteristic F100 exhaust nozzle. Also, Nellis birds (NA tail code) are equipped with F100s.

  12. rotorbob45
    rotorbob45 Oct 13, 2011

    Fighter pilots...think they can do everything a bird can to except land on a fence post and whistle through their peckers!

  13. Stephen_G
    Stephen_G Oct 14, 2011

    I was at Clark AB Philippines when an F-4 came back after eating a coconut tree, after it was put back together they painted a coconut tree on the side on the intake. we never used the tail number after that just called it coconut eater

  14. 26412511
    26412511 Oct 14, 2011

    It reminds me of the B-52's that used to come back to base with limbs attached to the fuselage. We had to change a couple of STV turrets while I was there. That is why we have training missions. Glad the pilot and the plane made it back safe. I guess he aerned his oak cluster the hard way:) Take care, Guy.

  15. 26020970
    26020970 Oct 16, 2011

    Same thing happened at Hill AFB right after the 388 TFW started flying 16s. Pilot and plane also survived to fly again but for the longest time WULP comments abounded. Wild Utah Leaping Pines. I have a cartoon of this incident with the WULPs.

  16. Parastorm
    Parastorm Oct 16, 2011

    So much wasted time in this video.. Get to the point. What's the altimeter being set have to do with flying in a mountainous area?

  17. 28219450
    28219450 Oct 17, 2011

    I can understand flying in the mountins of TENN. SITE SEEING. altimeter means nothing, you fly by the set of your pants. i priestly done the same thing in Cessna 175 i near hit the side of a mountain around Johnson City Tenn. at 150 mph not 3or4 hundred much different but the same

  18. FosterBDAV166
    FosterBDAV166 Oct 17, 2011

    Compared to the Israeli F-15, where the pilot lost an entire wing and still made it home and landed safely, not much seems to have happened here. Look up that video if you haven't seen it. Can be found on youtube, I believe.

  19. datamateralso
    datamateralso Oct 18, 2011

    26020970, you sound like he who was known as "Rocket J Squirrel". I also have the WULP cartoon circa 1981 which was drawn by my fellow debriefer. I thought of it as I watched this video. Did we ever establish whether it was Capt. Topper or Capt Tree who attacked the WULPs?

  20. 25306325
    25306325 Oct 27, 2011

    Isn't the song "Jetliner" by Steve Miller? See comments below for details on the aircraft and her engine.

  21. 25306325
    25306325 Oct 27, 2011

    Comments Above rather, and I guess I didn't listen to the "theme" music closely enough. Do not doubt the F-16 regardless of its flaws.

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