Awesome F-18 Jet Fighter Footage

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Simply amazing. Footage taken from fighter detachment at NASWI with VFA-204.

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  1. tedlersr2
    tedlersr2 Jan 31, 2012

    Nice vid, who's singing the sone?

  2. tee2green87
    tee2green87 Feb 02, 2012

    well there are f\a-18c in there but this video is shot from a growler so it should be titled e\a-18g then the rest

  3. 28815025
    28815025 Feb 03, 2012

    Music is Awolnation - Sail

  4. Eyedoc8
    Eyedoc8 Feb 24, 2012

    Does anyone know what base this is? Looks like Alaska?

  5. pilotmanfisher
    pilotmanfisher Apr 05, 2012

    How many other crew chiefs were like "That son of a b****" when he put his hand on the canopy at 2:30? lol

  6. 28956613
    28956613 Apr 06, 2012

    Awesome! What song is that? I love F-18's :) Check this one out too AMAZING!

  7. Lambda44
    Lambda44 Apr 15, 2012

    A fair number of pilots have suffered career-ending hand injuries because they decided that wearing the nomex gloves is inconvenient. Not smart.

  8. 36586072
    36586072 Dec 24, 2017

    The planes are from the Whitby Island base, near Seattle...home of the Growlers...and recently, the pilot who performed the "flying phallus" skywriting demo over Omak, Wash. It says in the header..NASWI...just google that.

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