AUSA 2016: V-280 Valor

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The Bell V-280 Valor is the next generation Tiltrotor aircraft that our military demands. From medevacs and troop insertion to gunship, the Valor will prove instrumental in the years to come.

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  1. kornandez
    kornandez Oct 04, 2016

    The two that walked into frame near the end were funny.

  2. 27486813
    27486813 Oct 04, 2016

    In regards to the Bell V-280 Valor. It looks like the Army wants a one size fits all? Sometimes that is not always possible. What is the speed of this a/c comparing it to either a Cobra-gunship or an Apache. The Apache or Cobra are definitely a narrower target, footprint wise than the V-280. The maneuverability of this a/c cannot be as good as an Apache. The V-280 might come in different configurations, and added to supplement the existing rotor craft of the Army, it will never replace an outright Apache gunship.

  3. 35146686
    35146686 Oct 04, 2016

    Does this replace the A-10?

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