Paris Air Show: MC-27J Gunship

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Take a video tour of a gunship under development that features an efficient pallet system and a modified 30mm chain gun.

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  1. Erichs
    Erichs Jun 24, 2013

    What kind of a plane is that and the advantages over the C-130A?

  2. juehlein
    juehlein Jun 24, 2013

    Well, that was limp !

  3. AirWing11.
    AirWing11. Jun 25, 2013

    Yeah, looked prety lame compared to Spooky,and Whiskey.

  4. Slewntus
    Slewntus Jun 25, 2013

    Keep in mind, they said their sales targets are in the Middle East, South America and the Far East. The current version of the AC-130 is something we probably wouldn't export and this has the advantage of being an airlifter most of the time and a gunship when needed. Not sure about the price but it might do the trick for some countries that would like the capability but can't afford a one trick a/c.

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