Incredible - B-24 Bomber Hit by Bomb

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B24 Bomber Shot Down - Amazing Footage, [Full Resolution]. Cameras capture the incredible moment when a B24 Bomber plane is hit and crashing in flames. It also shows various shots of B24 bombers flying over Japanese held islands in the Pacific ocean, near the Caroline islands.

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  1. BigBeautifulDoll
    BigBeautifulDoll Sep 14, 2012

    Flanker, your video shows a B-24 which is hit by bombs of a plane flying above it. It was NOT shot down.

  2. Patriot55
    Patriot55 Sep 15, 2012

    BigBeautifulDoll: That' really a tough call but I agree. At 55 seconds the breakup has started and you can see the wing torn open spraying fuel. You can see under the B-24 that he is dropping his payload as the wing is hit. If it had been hit by flak from underneath, the explosion would have been immediate. The fire started as the fuel was ignited by the hot exhaust. (No mufflers) Bad formation flying!

  3. 29790844
    29790844 Sep 15, 2012

    Flanker41, you need to watch more of the history channel. This particular plane was NOT shot down but as another commented posted it was hit by a bomb from above after it slid out of formation under the bombers above. All of the crew was killed. It's been a few years since I've seen that video but I think this may have been taken in the disastrous raids (for us) on the Romanian oil fields..

  4. 11B40to64Z50
    11B40to64Z50 May 06, 2015

    This video has been in numeros stories of WII. I saw it first in a documetary about the Ploesti Raid(s).

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