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Federal Jobs Spotlight: Is Federal Work for You?

Most transitioning servicemembers are told that the federal government is a good fit for them right after they leave the service. Veterans can apply most of their skills to a new occupation in the public sector, and most federal agencies prefer to hire former military personnel. However, more military-friendly, private-sector companies are hiring more veterans because of their strong work ethic and skill sets. So, if you're leaving the service how do you know if a federal job is for you?

The Partnership for Public Service (PPS) - an organization dedicated to re-establishing the federal government as an ideal employer - asked the same question of current federal employees in one of their reports titled, "A Golden Opportunity - Recruiting Baby Boomers into Government." The PPS found those employees were attracted to the federal government for the following reasons:

Interesting and Challenging Work
•  Federal employees can address pressing national issues
•  Have a chance to impact the lives of all Americans
•  Federal service is meaningful public service

World-class Benefits
•  The public sector offers extensive health care and insurance programs
•  Ample leave and vacation time
•  Three-part retirement program

Abundant Opportunities
•  There are a little more than 193,000 mission critical job openings that will need to be filled by the end of 2009
•  All occupational backgrounds are valued and sought after
•  There are job openings in all 50 states and across the world

Employees receive...
•  Flexible work arrangements
•  Competitive Salaries
•  Jobs Security
•  Development and training opportunities
What's more, Veterans' Preference - the federal government's initiative to hire disabled veterans or former active-duty servicemembers - gives veterans the edge over their civilian counterparts when applying to public-sector occupations.

Veterans should continue to weigh their career options once they leave the service, but the federal government wants to make itself a great fit for former military personnel. If servicemembers, are still not sure of whether the public sector is right for them, they can chat with a veteran who works in one of the federal agencies on's Veteran Career Network.

Click here to connect with a veteran working in the public sector.

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