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Government Contracting Q/A: Healthcare

physician stethoscope

Hi Mike,

I've seen your youtube videos and really like the information.Our small physician's office would like to start looking into govt contracts.



Dear Alex,

I enjoyed reading your note, and say that government contracting is so unique that you should be able to find numerous opportunities to make use of your physician's competencies and resources to offer to the government. The Veterans Administration (VA) has hundreds of hospitals and support centers all across the country that would need contractor support.

Although I have not researched it specifically, I frequently see government contract opportunities come across my desk related to the medical industry, which you may be able to respond to using your current staff (or augmented on a project-by-project basis), and using your current knowledge/personnel management skills. The key is to remember that you do not have to perform these services yourself. You just need to know how to create a collaborative multi-party team, with pooled resources, and then manage the team as prime contractor to satisfy the Performance Work Statement (PWS).

There were more than three dozen medical related contract opportunities announced already since the beginning of this month. Some of them include such things as:

1. Medical transcription services
2. Off-site, after-hours, medical QA/responder services (referral management) that provides telephone ready-quick type of initial call-in services that refers military servicemembers and dependents towards appropriate courses of action
3. Outsourced (limited) triage and case management services
4. Medical technical expertise and advice to key decision-makers
5. Outsourced EMS services
6. Medical lab system design
7. Medical supplies and equipment supply (you can act as intermediary between OEM manufacturer and drop-ship governmental customer)
8. Medical-related housekeeping and cleaning services provider
9. Outsourced X-ray and cardio imaging analysis
10. Medical-related outreach and communications campaign support
11. Computer-based, automated, pharmacy design services
12. Maintenance contracts for medical equipment
13. Occupational therapist consultants for military school systems
14. Medical counselling services for military public and boarding schools
15. Potable water purification & monitoring services
16. Medical-related IT and networking services
17. Nurse staffing, outsourced physicians assistants, etc. and other staffing
18. Home oxygen and respiratory equipment delivery and monitoring services
19. Reagents, kits, filter suppliers
20. Vocational training and curriculum development for physical therapies, technicians, and 2nd-tier/3rd-tier medical support staff
21. Sleep studies and diagnostic therapies
22. Disaster management and continuing operations management planning

The list goes on and on.

For general advice on getting started, I refer you to this previous article. All of this info and much more can be found in my book So You Want to Be a Government Contractor. The important thing is not to get discouraged by the whole startup process. Instead, look at each methodical step individually, accomplish that step, and then move on.

Hope some of my commentary here in this e-mail helps stir your brainstorming a little. Please keep in contact and let me hear how you are progressing with your preparations for government contracting pursuits.

Warmest regards,

Michael J. Erickson
President, Aviation Management Inc., LLC (AMI)
6010 Oxpen Court #203,
Alexandria, Virginia 22315

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Michael Erickson is a Marine Corps veteran and a graduate of the U.S. Army and Air Force Aviation Command and Staff College, with a bachelor's degree in science and management from SIU. He has nine years of experience leading AMI, which handles defense contracting and ATC/Airport Master Planning. For more insights and advice on government contracting, read Michael’s book So You Want To Be A Government Contractor, available at and Smashwords. You can also contact Michael directly for veteran job and government contracting advice at