Does Veterans Counseling Qualify as Disaster Relief?

The Minnesota Dept. of Corrections Facility in Red Wing. The department is refusing to allow a mental health professional to counsel veterans as part of the state's disaster relief services. (Minnesota Dept. of Corrections)

Minneapolis -- The American Red Cross and the state Department of Corrections have a fundamental disagreement over the definition of "disaster." And it all comes down to one person: Shelley Koski. Koski is one of the few certified American Red Cross Disaster Mental Health volunteers in the country. She's also a clinical therapist with the Corr... more

Widows: Railroad Knew of Defect Before Veterans Killed

Officials: Vets' float crossed track after signals

LUBBOCK, Texas -- Intensive care nurse Angie Boivin had just tended to a woman whose leg was severed near the hip when she saw her husband Larry lying nearby under an American flag blanket. She says that she was with him when he took his last breath. Larry Boivin earned a Purple Heart in Iraq in 2004, but he didn't survive a Union Pacific freig... more

Here's How to Actually Thank Veterans for Their Service

Elderly veteran sitting.

As a Marine veteran, I've heard the "thank you for your service" phrase again and again, especially during last week's Veterans Day celebrations. Maybe I should feel honored, but more often I feel annoyed, because many times it comes across like an empty gesture. I often wonder how many people really think about what service truly means or have ... more

Congress, Beneficiary Groups Prepare for Health Reforms

Ohio Air National Guard Senior Airman Bruce Moman, an Aerospace Medical Services Journeyman from the 180th Fighter Wing Medical Group, takes the blood pressure of a patient as part of an annual physical health assessment. U.S. Air Force photo

Last January the Military Compensation and Retirement Modernization Commission proposed replacing the current triple option TRICARE benefit with a menu of commercial insurance options, similar to those offered to federal civilians, but with a break on premiums except for working age retirees. As the military community studied those details,... more

Film by POW's Daughter Explores Reconciliation with Japanese

Film POW Daughter Explores Reconciliation Japanese image0

TOKYO (AP) — As a child, filmmaker Jan Thompson wondered why her father would not talk about his experiences as a World War II veteran. She was angry when she finally learned about his suffering as a prisoner of war of Japan, and then started to speak up for him and his comrades. It took Thompson, a three-time Emmy-award-winning documentary dir... more

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