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United Kingdom

Britain Denies Taliban Downed Helo, Killing 5

The British government has rejected claims that the Taliban shot down a helicopter which crashed in southern Afghanistan, killing five British military personnel, saying the deaths appeared to have been a tragic accident. The local Afghan governor said no insurgents were near the site at the time. The Ministry of Defence listed those killed: Ca... more

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Princes William, Harry Sandbag Against UK Floods

LONDON - Prince William and Prince Harry helped flood-hit British villagers protect their homes Friday, unloading sandbags alongside soldiers in a River Thames village. The princes, who have both served in the armed forces, joined a work crew In Datchet, west of London, from about 6 a.m. on what aides said was a private visit. The princes were... more

UK: Crude Bombs Sent to Army Recruitment Offices

LONDON -- The British government said Thursday that crude but viable package bombs sent to seven British army recruitment offices appear to be the work of Northern Ireland militants. Prime Minister David Cameron's office said the suspicious packages contained "small, crude, but potentially viable devices bearing the hallmarks of Northern Irelan... more

UK Finally Pardons Computer Pioneer Alan Turing

LONDON - His code breaking prowess helped the Allies outfox the Nazis, his theories laid the foundation for the computer age, and his work on artificial intelligence still informs the debate over whether machines can think. But Alan Turing was gay, and 1950s Britain punished the mathematician's sexuality with a criminal conviction, intrusive su... more

Two Former UK Soldiers Jailed for Attacking Mosque

LONDON - Two former British soldiers have been sentenced to six years in prison for firebombing a mosque in northeastern England. Stuart Harness, 34, and Gavin Humphries, 37, made petrol bombs and threw them at the Grimsby Islamic Cultural Center. The two were jailed Friday after admitting arson. During their trial, jurors were shown video foo... more

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