Guide to Military Uniforms

Evidence of the first use of military uniforms dates back to circa 200 BC and the Spanish warriors who faced Hannibal. Of course the first U.S. Military uniforms date back to 1779 when General George Washington chose to use the blue uniform coat with state facing colors, and white waistcoat and breeches. The U.S. blue uniform was in direct contr... more

House Votes to Eliminate Service Camo Patterns

Troops in Camoflage

A Congressional committee voted Wednesday to end service-specific camouflage in an amendment that would push the military toward creating joint combat uniforms by 2018. Committee members expressed frustration over the millions of dollars the services have spent to field camouflage patterns that focus more on creating a visual brand than effecti... more

Fashion Police Crack Down at Hawaii Army Base

Honolulu bay

HONOLULU - A Hawaii Army base is trying to maintain decorum by monitoring what people are wearing and how they're behaving. A fashion police "Courtesy Patrol" at Schofield Barracks on Oahu is cracking down on civilian and off-duty soldier attire that's deemed inappropriate - including short shorts, bare midriffs, visible underwear, sagging pant... more

Army Guns: GIs Demand Right to Roll Up Sleeves

The black beret, seen above, was shelved in 2011 as the official headgear for the Army Combat Uniform. Now some soldiers want the right to roll up their sleeves, particularly during summer months in warm climates. (AP)

Spc. Milt Perkins and dozens of other Army soldiers are reportedly ready to roll — their sleeves, that is. Perkins, a 26-year-old operating room specialist for a combat support hospital, wants Army brass to allow him to roll up the sleeves of his Army Combat Uniform (ACU) to catch a hint of much-needed breeze at Louisiana's Fort Polk. But... more

Army Uniforms

The U.S. Army Service Uniform can trace its roots back to 1779. It is this sense of tradition that makes the Army uniform unique in many ways. Like the other services the Army has several uniforms including the Army Combat Uniform (ACU), the Army Green Service Uniform and the Blue Army Service Uniform. Each is to be worn in specific situations. ... more

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