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New Facility Ushers In New Era of Sub Training

GROTON -- From his post at the top of the submarine's sail, Lt. Andrew Pyle looked out Wednesday at the buoys that mark the entrance to New London Harbor. He saw New London Ledge Light to his right. Sailboats darted in front of the submarine, and Pyle had to react. It began to snow, and the sea grew rougher. But Pyle was not in a submarine ret... more

New Attack Sub Named USS Delaware

The Navy will name its newest attack submarine the USS Delaware and Jill Biden, the wife of Vice President Joe  Biden, will be the boat's sponsor. "Wherever the Delaware goes around the world, a piece of my heart goes with her," Jill Biden said at a Pentagon briefing Monday at which the surprise guest was her husband, the longtime Delaware Sena... more

Defendant Mulls Deal in USS Miami Arson Case

6 Injured in Fire Aboard Submarine

PORTLAND, Maine -- Casey James Fury, the man charged with sparking a destructive fire on board the USS Miami, has been offered a proposal to resolve his criminal case without a trial, according to new court documents filed this week. Prosecutors from the U.S. attorneys office in Portland, Maine, and Fury's attorney, public defender David Benema... more

US Submarine Brass Touts Boomer Replacement Plans

Ohio-class ballistic missile submarine

This article first appeared in Aerospace Daily & Defense Report. FALLS CHURCH, Va. -- U.S. Navy submarine fleet admirals are continuing the clarion call for the proposed replacement of aging Ohio-class ballistic missile submarines (SSBN), touting the intended vessel advancements and emphasizing the need for the ships to meet the nation's strate... more

Enlisted Women in Submarines

The Enlisted Women in Submarines (EWIS) task force wants everyone to know that the doors are being opened to enlisted women to become submariners. Eligible E-8-and-below female Sailors, from all communities and rates, can cross-rate, if rating eligible, or convert into the submarine community. Chief petty officers within the logistics, yeoman, i... more

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