Russian Maneuvers to Involve Missile Launches

Associated Press | Jun 02, 2014

MOSCOW -- The Russian Defense Ministry says it has launched a military exercise involving the launch of high-precision missiles. The war games are taking place amid the backdrop of violence in eastern Ukraine. In a statement Monday, the ministry said the maneuvers of the Western Military District will continue through Thursday and will involv... more

Putin tells Tartars the Future Lies with Russia

 | May 17, 2014

Vladimir Putin has told Crimea's Tatars that they must accept that their future lies with Russia, on the eve of the 70th anniversary of their mass deportation from their ancestral homeland. Putin's comments came as the UN warned that the Tatars have been the subject of harassment and persecution since the Black Sea peninsula was annexed from Uk... more

Russian PM Warns Moldova after Border Incident

Associated Press | May 13, 2014

MOSCOW — Russia's prime minister warned Monday that Moscow could punish Moldova after a Russian politician's plane was briefly held while traveling in the region over the weekend, according to state news agency ITAR TASS. Dmitry Medvedev told a meeting of government officials that Russia would take the episode into account "with regards to econ... more

US: Russian Military Increases Pacific Flights

UPI | May 06, 2014

The Russian military has stepped up activity in the Pacific Ocean, with flights of bombers off the California coast and around the island of Guam, a U.S. general said. Speaking in Washington Monday to the Center for Strategic and International Studies, Gen. Herbert Carlisle said Russian Tu-95 bombers have remained in international airspace but ... more

Russian Military Boosts Arctic Presence

UPI | Feb 18, 2014

The Russian military is beefing up its presence in the arctic as nations begin to eye potentially plentiful natural resources in the region, officials said. Russian military officials told RIA Novosti the move comes after an order from Russian President Vladimir Putin to increase logistical and transportation infrastructure in the region. The m... more

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