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Richard Sisk has more than 40 years experience in journalism as a reporter and editor for the wire services and the N.Y. Daily News. He has embedded with U.S. troops in Afghanistan and Iraq, and reported from Beirut, Tel Aviv, Bosnia, Kosovo, Panama, Haiti, Guatemala, Northern Ireland, Vietnam, Eritrea and other conflict zones. He has also covered five presidential campaigns while working from Washington, D.C.

Sisk was born in Brooklyn and is a 1965 graduate of LeMoyne College in Syracuse, N.Y., with a degree in political science. He served with the 2nd Battalion Fourth Marines in Vietnam in 1967-68.

Congress Again Buys Abrams Tanks the Army Doesn't Want


The new defense spending bill includes $120 million for tanks that the Army has repeatedly said it doesn't want. For three years, the Army in numerous Congressional hearings has pushed a plan that essentially would have suspended tank building and upgrades in the U.S. for the first time since World War II. The Army suggested that production lin... more

Afghanistan’s Future in Doubt as U.S. Ends Combat Role

Staff Sgt. David Flores gives one last safety briefing to his students in 4th Brigade, 201st Afghan National Army Corps, to kick of the final day of their month-long 60mm mortar system training course. (U.S. Army photo)

Thirteen years of war in Afghanistan have left the American public, U.S. service members and the Afghans themselves at odds on what has been achieved and what must be done to prop up the new Kabul government in the years ahead with Americans no longer in a combat role. The conflicting assessments are playing out against the backdrop of daily at... more

A-10s Hitting ISIS Targets in Iraq


U.S. commanders have been sending A-10 Thunderbolt II attack aircraft in recent weeks to hit ISIS targets in Iraq but not in Syria, Pentagon officials said Thursday. The use of the A-10s followed the announcement last month by military officials that A-10s had deployed in mid-November to the Middle East in support of Operation Inherent Reso... more

US Commander Says ISIS Fight Will Last 3 Years

Islamic State group militants wave al-Qaida flags as they patrol in a commandeered Iraqi military vehicle in Fallujah, 40 miles (65 kilometers) west of Baghdad, Iraq. (AP Photo, File)

More U.S. troops will begin deploying to Iraq in the next few weeks but it will take them at least three years to prepare the Iraqi forces to drive out ISIS, the new commander of U.S. and coalition forces said Thursday. "We're talking a minimum of three years," before the Iraqi national security forces would be trained and equipped, and hav... more

U.S. Troop Numbers in Afghanistan and Iraq Still In Flux

U.S. troops in Afghanistan

The U.S. was still adjusting the number of troops that will be committed to the war zones in Afghanistan and Iraq where their ground combat roles have ended, the Pentagon said Tuesday. In Afghanistan, the additional 1,000 troops sought by Army Gen. John Campbell to bolster the new training and advisory force next year will come from the ranks o... more

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