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Adopted Dog Brings Navy Couple Closer Together

Robert and Kay

Before being adopted, Kay was an adult dog like too many others — sitting in a shelter with few prospects of a forever home until a Navy couple made her family. In return, she has brought the pair even closer together, and provides welcome comfort during deployments, a staple of military life. This is their story as told by Robert, active duty ... more

A Pen and a Pup: Korean War Vet Cures the Blues

Ross and Schatz

With the stroke of a pen and the love of one very special pup, an elderly Korean War veteran beat the blues that dogged him after the end of a three-decades long marriage. A self-described "writer, poet, librettist of truth and beauty," Ross served in the Navy during the Korean War and found a four-legged sweetheart to lift him from despair aft... more

Marine Corps Veteran Reunites with Military Dog

Marine Corps Sergeant Robert Hulsey and wife

DALLAS – After over a year apart, U.S. Marine Corps veteran Sergeant Robert Hulsey was reunited today with Jjoe, the military Contract Working Dog (CWD) he served with in Afghanistan. The reunion took place at Dallas Love Field. "Jjoe and I developed a strong bond during our service together in Afghanistan," said Hulsey. "After spending ... more

Post-9/11 Army Vet Adds Shelter Dog to His Pack

Jason and Cocoa

Jason served in the shadows of 9/11, joining the Army and, after service, saving the life of an "awesome" little shelter dog named Cocoa. In the early days of August 2001, Jason made the life-altering decision to enlist in the United States Army. He worked in Washington, DC while awaiting his entry date and, on September 11, 2001, could see and... more

Why You Should Adopt Your Next Pet

Woman being comforted by a cat

Whether to adopt or shop for your next pet should be an easy decision. Companion pet adoption is not only far more humane and ethical, it saves lives. Deciding if you're ready for a pet, or another one First and foremost, bringing a pet into your family is a serious decision. You must be willing and able to provide shelter, food, medical care ... more

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