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  • reservoir dogs bloody days screenshot 20170310175937 2 original
    Preview: 'Reservoir Dogs' Video Game a Prequel with Flashback
    East Bay Times|
    "Reservoir Dogs: Bloody Days" is being made with approval of Quentin Tarantino and takes place before the events of the cult film.
  • puskosjpg 09 Mar 2017
    Pint-Sized Pup to Patrol World's Largest Naval Base
    The Virginian-Pilot|
    Puskos, a 15-pound Jagdterrier, is preparing to sniff out drugs at Naval Station Norfolk, the world's largest naval base.
  • Patriot Assistance Dogs
    Patriot Assistance Dogs (PAD) trains dogs to assist veterans who have been diagnosed with PTSD, traumatic brain injury or a rel...
  • VA and Service Dogs
    A service dog is a dog trained to do specific tasks for a person that he or she cannot do because of a disability. Service dogs...
  • Parrots for Patriots
    Nearly 100 disabled veterans have gained new meaning in life by taking in abandoned birds that have been trained and donated by...