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Bomb-Sniffing War Dog Shows Heart, Gets Veterinary Care

FORT COLLINS - A bomb-sniffing war dog that saved thousands of American lives in Iraq and Afghanistan has a new lease on life after heart surgery Sept. 16 at CSU's Veterinary Teaching Hospital. Kay, a 9-year-old pit bull and Labrador mix, served two tours in Iraq hunting down improvised explosive devices. Then U.S. Army Spc. Brandon Donahu... more

Understanding the "Special" in Special Needs Pets


Special needs pets are among the most challenging for shelters and rescue groups to adopt out, and many never find a loving home. Yet your perfect companion might just have her own pair of wheels to get around, or rely on visual commands instead of verbal ones. Three Legs, One Eye and Limitless Love In a survey conducted by Petfinder, it was ... more

Dark Memories Bind Vietnam Veteran and Adopted Dog

Jerome and Scruffy

As an Army veteran of the Vietnam War who had worked tirelessly his entire life, Jerome found himself struggling to stay busy during retirement. Work was his only antidote for keeping the dark memories of war at bay and, with his wife Suzanne still working, he became accustomed to spending most of his days alone with her dog Lexi. Yet Jerome wa... more

Adopted Dog Brings Navy Couple Closer Together

Robert and Kay

Before being adopted, Kay was an adult dog like too many others — sitting in a shelter with few prospects of a forever home until a Navy couple made her family. In return, she has brought the pair even closer together, and provides welcome comfort during deployments, a staple of military life. This is their story as told by Robert, active duty ... more

A Pen and a Pup: Korean War Vet Cures the Blues

Ross and Schatz

With the stroke of a pen and the love of one very special pup, an elderly Korean War veteran beat the blues that dogged him after the end of a three-decades long marriage. A self-described "writer, poet, librettist of truth and beauty," Ross served in the Navy during the Korean War and found a four-legged sweetheart to lift him from despair aft... more

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