Nuclear Weapons

Nation's Bloated Nuclear Spending Comes Under Fire

LOS ALAMOS, N.M. -- At Los Alamos National Laboratory, a seven-year, $213 million upgrade to the security system that protects the lab's most sensitive nuclear bomb-making facilities doesn't work. Those same facilities, which sit atop a fault line, remain susceptible to collapse and dangerous radiation releases, despite millions more spent on im... more

Surveillance Law Lets US Ratify Nuclear Terrorism Treaties

In this June 11, 2008, file photo, former Georgia Sen. Sam Nunn, co-chairman of the Nuclear Threat Initiative, speaks in Wiesbaden, Germany. Daniel Roland/AP

WASHINGTON -- Tucked into the surveillance bill that became law last week was a little-noticed section that will let the United States complete ratification of two long-stalled treaties aimed at stopping a frightening scenario: terrorists wielding radioactive bombs. "Today, nearly 2,000 metric tons of weapons-usable nuclear materials remain spr... more

Former Commander: Nukes on High Alert are Vulnerable to Error

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WASHINGTON — A former commander of U.S. nuclear forces is leading a call for taking U.S. and Russian nuclear missiles off high alert, arguing that keeping them less ready for prompt launch would reduce the risk of miscalculation in a crisis. It also could keep a possible cyberattack from starting a nuclear war, he said, although neither Washing... more

Marshall Islands Will Appeal in Nuclear Case Against US

In this June 2014 file photo, Capt. Robby Modad closes the gate at an ICBM launch control facility in the countryside outside Minot, N.D., on the Minot Air Force Base. Charlie Riedel/AP

UNITED NATIONS -- The tiny Pacific nation of the Marshall Islands is persisting with an unprecedented lawsuit demanding that the United States meet its obligations toward getting rid of its nuclear weapons. It filed notice Thursday that it will appeal a federal judge's decision to dismiss the case. The island group was the site of 67 nuclear te... more

Army Investigates Radiation Exposure at Fort Bliss

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FORT BLISS, Texas - Army investigators have detected radiation at a former nuclear weapons bunker at Fort Bliss and they're determining whether people on the West Texas post have been exposed, officials said Tuesday. Post leaders said contaminated residue was buried in the 1950s and 1960s, when the base was operated by the Air Force. A man who ... more

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