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Despite Warnings about West, 007 Finds His Way into Iran Ad

daniel craig spectre omega advertjpg 25 Nov 2015

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (AP) ¬タヤ Even amid warnings about Western infiltration, the famed fictional British spy James Bond still found a way to get into Iran. An ad hawking Omega watches appeared in the daily newspaper Shargh on Tuesday, featuring actor Daniel Craig wearing one of the timepieces while in character as 007. While the ads hav... more

Boston Marathon Bombing Survivors Brace for Movies on Attack

Zz1kNmNhODBiM2IyNGYxYzJlYjVkNmNmYTU4ZjdlZGQ4NQjpeg 25 Nov 2015

BOSTON (AP) - Less than three years after bombs killed three people and wounded more than 260 others at the Boston Marathon, two movies, a play and an HBO documentary are in the works, causing decidedly mixed feelings among some of those most touched by the tragedy. News that Boston native Mark Wahlberg planned to star in "Patriots Day" surface... more

Fukunaga Stuns With Powerful 'Beasts of No Nation'

Fukunaga Stuns Powerful Beasts No Nation image0

The story of the child soldier is not one that the movies have been clamoring to tell. What could be gleaned from giving this insidious reality a narrative platform? The hardening of a young soul in this context is not something that can or should be observed casually, after all, and for many it's easier not to look at all. That's why Cary Joji... more

Film by POW's Daughter Explores Reconciliation with Japanese

Film POW Daughter Explores Reconciliation Japanese image0

TOKYO (AP) — As a child, filmmaker Jan Thompson wondered why her father would not talk about his experiences as a World War II veteran. She was angry when she finally learned about his suffering as a prisoner of war of Japan, and then started to speak up for him and his comrades. It took Thompson, a three-time Emmy-award-winning documentary dir... more

'Truth' a Gripping Account of a Journalistic Disaster

151016 news truthjpg 30 Oct 2015

"Truth" is a journalism horror story, something like "All the President's Men" but with the wrong ending and plenty of blame on all sides. It is one of the most frustrating speak-truth-to-power tales ever put onscreen, because it dares to show how that usually works out: Power wins. Big. They say that if you want to go after a king, you'd bette... more

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