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Spielberg Plunges into the Cold War in 'Bridge of Spies'

tom hanks train bridge of spies

NEW YORK (AP) — The nearly three year wait since Steven Spielberg's last movie (2012's "Lincoln") comes to an end this October with the spy thriller "Bridge of Spies." Good news for moviegoers: There won't be another gap like that for a while. Having just locked "Bridge of Spies," Spielberg is already editing his next film, Roald Dahl's "The BF... more

Movie Theater Chain Checking Bags Nationwide After Shootings

regal cinemas

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Movie theater chain Regal Entertainment Group has begun to check bags in response to shootings at theaters around the country, a procedure it acknowledged on its website was "not without flaws" and would inconvenience guests but provide better security. It's unclear when the policy began, but several local TV stations reporte... more

A Stoner Who Can Smoke 'Em Down in 'American Ultra'

american ultra jesse eisenberg kristin stewart

The likably awkward chemistry of Kristen Stewart and Jesse Eisenberg remains intact in "American Ultra," a violent stoner action-comedy that's half "Pineapple Express," half "The Bourne Identity," and not as good as either. Stewart and Eisenberg, who starred together in the splendidly low-key summer comedy "Adventureland," again come together a... more

'Hitman: Agent 47' a Macho Shoot-Em-Up Short on Plot

hitman agent 47 movie

LOS ANGELES (AP) — The idea of the high-tech, emotionless super-soldier is so popular in movies, it's practically a convention. The "Terminator" and "Bourne" franchises, and even last year's animated "Big Hero 6," imagine characters programmed to kill and the would-be world destroyers who want to control them. The same formula is at work in "Hi... more

Wanted Pakistani Militant Seeks to Ban Bollywood Action Film

Hafiz Mohammed Saeed

ISLAMABAD (AP) — A Pakistani militant leader with a $10 million bounty on his head over his alleged involvement in the 2008 Mumbai terror attacks now has a new target: a Bollywood film that imagines him being assassinated. In a twist worthy of a movie itself, a lawyer for Hafiz Mohammed Saeed wants to ban the upcoming film "Phantom" from being ... more

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