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Movie Review: ‘White Bird in a Blizzard’

white bird in a blizzard shailene woodley christopher meloni

By now, there should be no question in anyone's mind that Shailene Woodley is an actress on a rapid-fire journey to stardom. She's enchanted us in enough films — "The Descendants," ''The Spectacular Now," ''The Fault in Our Stars" — that one less-than-stellar film won't alter her upward trajectory. Which is good, because "White ... more

Movie Review: ‘Ouija’

ouija movie

Gone are the days when the Halloween season guaranteed a new "Paranormal Activity" movie, and before that a new "Saw." With ugly doll "Annabelle" thankfully on her way out of theaters and back into the toy chest, the sole trick-or-treat-friendly vehicle in theaters is "Ouija." Hasbro's classic board game Ouija purp... more

Q&A: Mick Jagger, the Film Producer, Heads to Work

mick jagger movie producer

NEW YORK (AP) — Song credits won't be the latest place to feature Mick Jagger's name. Instead, look to upcoming films and TV shows. The Rolling Stones frontman has been busy producing projects, from this year's James Brown biopic "Get on Up" to a not-yet-titled HBO series directed by Martin Scorsese . Jagger is also behind th... more

Q&A: Laura Poitras on Capturing History in a Hotel Room

laura poitras

NEW YORK (AP) — Imagine if Bob Woodward's clandestine meetings in a Washington D.C. parking garage with Deep Throat had been documented — or, better yet, filmed by Woodward, himself. The analogy isn't perfect, but that's about the closest equivalent to Laura Poitras' one-of-a-kind documentary "Citizenfour," which captures for... more

Shatner, 'Star Trek' Director to Meet About Role

william shatner

NEW YORK (AP) — "Star Trek" may be the next frontier for William Shatner — again. Shatner, who played the original James T. Kirk , says he's meeting soon with Roberto Orci , who's directing "Star Trek 3," to discuss reprising his Kirk in the rebooted franchise. "I had a talk with him the other day," says Shatner. "So there's talk — simpl... more

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