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Military Movies and Shows on Netflix: April 2016

morituri marlon brando yul brynner

A rare Marlon Brando WWII thriller, the definitive film about NASA astronauts and a Gene Hackman-led mission to Laos highlight the April offerings on Netflix. 1. Morituri Marlon Brando stars in a WWII thriller also released as “The Saboteur” and Code Name Morituri.” He plays a German officer who’s disillusioned by the Nazis and goes AWOL to h... more

For Matt Damon, Jason Bourne has Been a Lifeblood

In this image released by Universal Pictures, Matt Damon appears in a scene from "Jason Bourne," in theaters nationwide on July 29. (Jasin Boland/Universal Pictures via AP)

NEW YORK (AP) — For Matt Damon, the "Bourne" films have been like a lifeblood. "I was kind of inoculated for that five or six year period when I made the first three. I could make decisions with absolutely no thought to what the potential box office was," says Damon. "It was liberating in that sense. I knew that if I had another Jason Bourne of... more

'Hangover' Director Todd Phillips Gets Dark with 'War Dogs'

wardogsmoviejpg 28 Apr 2016

On movie screens in recent years, director Todd Phillips has had Will Ferrell starting a fraternity, offered up Huggy Bear as a key crime-solving tool and relied on Zach Galifianakis to track down missing persons (twice). The profiteering nature of modern warfare has -- thus far -- not been a central concern. Yet in one of the summer's most un... more

Harvey Keitel Backs Green Beret Sgt. 1st Class Charles Martland

keitel martland

A Capitol Hill push to reinstate a Green Beret discharged after confronting an Afghan boy’s accused rapist has garnered high-profile celebrity support – from actor Harvey Keitel, just days before an expected decision on the case. The star of such films as “Mean Streets” and “Reservoir Dogs” reached out to the office of Rep. Duncan Hunter, R-Cal... more

China's Military has a New Enemy Disney's 'Zootopia'

la fg china zootopia 20160414jpeg 18 Apr 2016

REPORTING FROM BEIJING -- China's Communist Party has long preached resistance to Western values, such as democracy and freedom of speech. Now, according to a Chinese military newspaper, these values are infiltrating China via an unlikely Trojan horse: the Disney animated movie "Zootopia." The People's Liberation Army Daily recently branded th... more

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