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Jessica Lynch, Former POW, Visits Lodi to Promote New Film

Ray Ybarra with Jessica Lynch at Bear Creek Community Church in Lodi on Saturday, May 2, 2015. Lynch was in Lodi to help promote a new Christian film with J.C. Films called “One Church.” Photo by Dani Adams/News-Sentinel

From prisoner of war to motivational speaking and landing a role in a Christian film, Jessica Lynch has come a long way from her ordeal in 2003 during the invasion of Iraq. She visited Lodi, CA and Bear Creek Community Church this weekend to help promote a new Christian film with J.C... more

Space Station Astronauts Get Big Screen, Watch 'Gravity'

space station crew 2015

CAPE CANAVERAL, Florida (AP) — Space station astronauts have finally hit the big time, at least when it comes to the big screen. NASA astronaut Scott Kelly told The Associated Press on Wednesday that he and the rest of the crew are enjoying the 65-inch (165-centimeter) projection screen that was delivered to the I... more

'Age of Ultron' is an Avengers Overdose

avengers age of ultron chris evans hemsworth

It will surely stand as one of the most peculiar and possibly ironic entries in a director's filmography that in between Joss Whedon's two "Avengers" films there reads "Much Ado About Nothing": a low-budget, black-and-white Shakespeare adaption sandwiched between two of the most gargantuan blockbusters ever made. In "Avengers: Age of Ultron... more

Exploring Families and Faith During Deployment

Little Boy, which opened in theaters this past weekend, tells the story of a small-town kid who wants to do whatever he can to bring his father home from World War II. He explores faith with his minister, gets guidance from an elderly Japanese man who ends up in an internment camp and tries to pick up a few tricks from a traveling magician. The ... more

Russell Crowe's 'Diviner' a Robust, Assured War Tale

russell crowe the water diviner

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Making his directorial debut with the brawny and big-hearted Australian war drama "The Water Diviner," Russell Crowe taps a deep well of symbolism, cultural empathy and good old-fashioned storytelling. Crowe, who also stars as a grieving father stoically bulldozing through Turkey in search of thr... more

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