Military Taxes

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With the exception of those serving in combat zones or stationed outside the U.S, most military personnel and their families must file taxes by the April 15 deadline. It is important to know which pay and allowances can be excluded from your gross income. Members of the Military community can claim a host of tax advantages that aren't available to civilians including combast pay, breaks for guard and reserve, free tax assistance and more.

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Personal Finances

As the year-end fiscal cliff deadline approaches, military personnel are increasingly worried about their financial futures.

While the tax package will protect 99 percent of Americans from an income tax increase, most will still pay more federal taxes in 2013.

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Benefits expert Tom Philpott explains what's at risk for the military community as Congress edges the nation closer to the "fiscal cliff."

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State Retirement Income Tax

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Some States exempt all or a portion of retired pay from income taxation. In all States, disability payments received from VA and all Social Security payments are exempt from taxation. State income tax, where applicable, is not withheld from retired pay unless a state has entered into an agreement with the Department of Defense to permit financ... more

Bill Would End Tax Penalty on Vets with Forgiven Student Loans

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Permanently disabled veterans or survivors of veterans who have their student debt forgiven would avoid taxes on the "income" under legislation recently introduced in the U.S. Senate. By law, forgiven student debt is counted as income by the Internal Revenue Service, resulting in veterans or their survivors and others being hit with a tax bill ... more

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