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Army Pulling Helos from National Guard

apache helicopter | Apr 19, 2014

Army leaders are reaching out to the National Guard after Guard leaders and lawmakers criticized the Army over its plan to retire 798 aircraft and transfer AH-64 Apaches from the Guard to active duty units. The Army told Congress the plan is to increase readiness in light of the budget crunch that has forced the service to find costs savings an... more

Ukraine: Separatists Refuse to End Occupation

A pro-Russia demonstrator gestures as others storm the prosecutor-general's office during a rally in Donetsk, Ukraine, Sunday, March 16, 2014.

 | Apr 18, 2014

Pro-Russian groups occupying a string of public buildings across eastern Ukraine have insisted that they would not end their occupation until a referendum to decide the status of the region had taken place. There was no sign of separatist groups pulling out from their positions at city halls and in town squares, although several said they would... more

Iran: Rouhani Talks Peace, Outreach at Army Parade

 Iranian President Hasan Rouhani speaks during an interview with state television at the presidency in Tehran, Iran.

Associated Press | Apr 18, 2014

TEHRAN, Iran -- Iran's president underscored his moderate policies and outreach to the West in a speech Friday during a military parade on the country's National Army Day. Referring to the ongoing negotiations between Iran and the world powers over Tehran's controversial nuclear program, President Hassan Rouhani said Iran has shown it has no h... more

Fake Army Ranger Befriended Former SEAL Luttrell

Marcus Luttrell

Houston Chronicle | Apr 18, 2014

Daniel Lee Marshall Jr. didn't just masquerade as an Army ranger by wearing ribbons or rank he didn't earn, or by driving around in a pick-up truck with a Purple Heart license plate he did not deserve. He imbedded himself within the inner circle of former Navy SEAL Marcus Luttrell, the storied war hero from Texas portrayed in the book and movie... more

VFW Slams Times Op-Ed Linking Vets to Hate Groups | Apr 18, 2014

The Veterans of Foreign War is responding to a New York Times column linking military service to right-wing extremist groups by asking its nearly 2 million members to flood the paper with emails relating "good stories" about their experiences in the military and as veterans. The op-ed piece by a Northwestern University professor used FBI dat... more

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