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A police mugshot of Douglas McAuthur McCain. McCain is one of several Western Muslims over the last two years who proved themselves willing to kill or die for extremist groups or help them win new recruits. HENNEPIN COUNTY, MINN. SHERIFF'S OFFICE

Intelligence Nightmare: Extremists Returning Home

The case of Mehdi Nemmouche haunts U.S. intelligence officials. Nemmouche is a Frenchman who authorities say spent 11 months fighting with the Islamic State group in Syria before returning to Europe to act out his rage. On May 24, prosecutors say, he methodically shot four people at the Jewish Museum in central Brussels. Three died instantly, o... more

The U.S. Coast Guard ship Monomoy participates in the International Mine Countermeasures Exercise (IMCMEX) 2013 with Combined Task Force 523. Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Terah L. Mollise/Navy

Iran Confirms US Coast Guard Fired at Fishing Boat

TEHRAN, Iran — The chief of Iran's Revolutionary Guard navy confirmed in remarks published Friday that a U.S. Coast Guard vessel fired on an Iranian fishing boat in the Persian Gulf this week but insisted the incident was not a "clash." The U.S. Navy's Bahrain-based 5th Fleet said that personnel on a small boat dispatched from the U.S. Coast Gu... more

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

Israelis Skeptical of PM's Gaza Victory Claim

JERUSALEM - Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's claim that Israel achieved a "great military and political" victory over Hamas in the latest round of fighting in the Gaza Strip has met with skepticism from many Israelis, according to a poll published Thursday. The poll, published in the left-leaning Haaretz newspaper, shows that 54 per cent of ... more

Delta Force Soldier

Delta Force: Missions and History

"Delta Force," officially known as 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment-Delta (1st SFOD-D), is one of the U.S. special missions units primarily focused on the counter-terrorism mission.  SFOD-Delta has been through a few name changes over the years, and even though it will likely always be known as SFOD–Delta, it was recently renamed the Co... more

old school godzilla

Godzilla Stomps Back in Ultra HD, Wires Intact

TOKYO (AP) — At a humble Tokyo laboratory, Godzilla, including the 1954 black-and-white original, is stomping back with a digital makeover that delivers four times the image quality of high definition. The effort with "4K" technology is carefully removing scratches and discoloration from the films and also unearthin... more

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