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Special Operations Forces

Force RECON Training


All future RECON students must attend BRC – BASIC RECON COURSE taught at the School of Infantry (SOI) West RECON Training Company in Camp Pendleton, CA.   The Basic RECON Course consists of three phases:  Phase 1 is four weeks long and focuses on Marine individual physical skills such as running, high repetition PT, obstacle courses, ocea... more

Joining Force Recon


Basic MARSOC/Force Recon Qualifications Be a U.S. citizen. Score 105 or higher on the GT portion of the ASVAB. Tip: Scoring high on the ASVAB is key to being able to join an elite team like the Marine Corps' Force Recon. It also makes a difference when it comes to enlistment bonuses and choosing your MOS. Visit our Ace the ASVAB ... more

Force RECON Overview


In 2001, there were roughly 500 RECON billets within the USMC.  Today, there are more than 2,000 RECON Marines, which demonstrates the necessity for RECON units within the USMC in today's warfare climate. When MARSOC was created it left a hole in the USMC Special Operations Capable forces as two Force RECON companies were changed into MARSOC. Fo... more

Force Recon: Mission and History


The mission of Force RECON is to conduct amphibious reconnaissance, deep ground reconnaissance, surveillance, battle space shaping, and limited scale raids in support of the Marine Expeditionary Force (MEF), other Marine air-ground task forces, or a joint force. US Marine Reconnaissance units are tasked with providing the commander of a larger ... more

Marine Recon Tries New Detachment Concept

Marine Recon Sniper

MARSOC took four platoons and the whole Recon command structure from Force Recon, the part normally tasked by the Marine Expeditionary Force commander for high-level missions. MARSOC originally deployed with the MEU with MEU support but reported to the theater special operations command. That setup caused resentment in that Marines had the b... more

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