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Weekly Workout: Build Your Own Full-Body Routine

military man working out

If you are ever wondering how to arrange a quick and effective workout routine that will work everything with a few exercises, they this Build Your Own Full Body Routine: The method I like to use I call:  Push, Pull, Full, Legs, Core. If you think about your exercises belonging to this category, you can arrange a workout of the day to cove... more

Tactical Fitness: Pushups After a Collar Bone Injury


After an injury, getting back to normal can take some time as it is a process that has to follow these steps: Injury Reduce Swelling Healing Regain Full Range of Motion Rebuilding Back to Normal This process can take a few weeks to more than a year depending upon the inury's severity, and if surgery is requ... more

Report: Russia Defeats NATO in Baltic War Game

An Abrams tank from the U.S. Army's 3rd Infantry Division fires its 120 mm main gun during a live-fire exercise in June 2015 at the Central Training Area near Tapa, Estonia. Joshua S. Brandenburg/U.S. Army

STUTTGART, Germany -- A Russian offensive on NATO territory in the Baltics would overwhelm underarmed alliance forces in a matter of hours, leaving NATO with a harsh dilemma: Launch a long, bloody counteroffensive or concede defeat. That is the conclusion of a new report by Rand Corp., which conducted a series of elaborate war games from summer... more

Former VA Scientist Responds to Lawmaker's Suspicions over Drug Sale

Raymond Schinazi (Photo: VA)

A former Veterans Affairs Department scientist says he is willing and able to defend his reputation against lawmakers or others who suggest he invented a highly successful hepatitis C treatment using agency resources and later earned millions by selling it to a private company. The drug shown to cure hepatitis C is sold by Gilead Sciences of... more

Super Bowl: Not ‘Super’ for Viewers with PTSD

NFL football game

More than 100 million Americans will tune in to watch the Denver Broncos and Carolina Panthers square off in Super Bowl 50 Sunday. However, it may not be much of a party for many service members and veterans with posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD). The emotions involved in the back-and-forth of a highly competitive game could be an issue for ... more

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