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Aircrew Had Doubts in Kunduz Airstrike; Ground Team Said 'Engage'


The crew of the AC-103U gunship circled the target for more than an hour, disbelieving that this was the building they were supposed to hit and repeatedly asking for confirmation from the Special Forces team on the ground. The difference was that the aircrew could see the building, which turned out to be the Medecins Sans Frontiere (Doctors... more

Appreciating Veterans in the Workplace

transitioning Soldier holds beret

Valuing the Service We've Been There, Done That Understand that many transitioning Service Members have leadership capabilities above and beyond the typical civilian employee. Value this characteristic and find ways to weave leadership responsibilities into the civilian position. Be sure to overtly demonstrate the values your company places on... more

Military Movies and Shows on Netflix: April 2016

morituri marlon brando yul brynner

A rare Marlon Brando WWII thriller, the definitive film about NASA astronauts and a Gene Hackman-led mission to Laos highlight the April offerings on Netflix. 1. Morituri Marlon Brando stars in a WWII thriller also released as “The Saboteur” and Code Name Morituri.” He plays a German officer who’s disillusioned by the Nazis and goes AWOL to h... more

Veterans Making a Difference by Reading 


When considering how veterans are doing their part in our communities, remember that it doesn't always take a disaster relief effort to make a difference and influence someone's life. Former F-14 flyer, flight instructor, TOPGUN graduate, and Navy veteran Alan Pietruszewski recently spoke with me regarding his experience volunteering. Alan... more

The Young Teen Dilemma of Which Service to Join

U.S. Marines with Black Sea Rotational Force fire M240B light machine guns during a live-fire exercise to confirm their zero aboard Mihail Kognalniceanu Air Base, Romania, Feb. 2, 2016. (U.S. Marine Corps/ Cpl. Kelly L. Street)

This time of year, high school seniors are making decisions that will affect the next several years of their lives. Thank God there are many who have a calling to serve our country in the Armed Forces. Even if you know you want to serve, there are still a few options that can determine where you will live, how you will serve, and what uniform yo... more

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