Tactical Fitness: Preparing for Army Special Forces Selection

Preparing for any Special Ops Selection program can take many months of specific training as well as a lifetime of physical activity (sports, manual labor, outdoor hobbies). There are many skills you should practice on your own prior to attending boot camp if you are a civilian, as bootcamp is not designed to prepare you for the rigors of a... more

Small-Town Army NCO Shaped by Family, War, Football

American flag

FORT MEADE, Md. -- Russ Currie had not yet been born when his uncle, Jerry Lee Patrick, was killed in Vietnam. An icon in his hometown of Eustis, Florida, Patrick was an accomplished football player, who had wanted to join the Army since he was a kid. At the high school's traditional "class night" the week of graduation, the somewhat reserved t... more

Auto Financing: 4 Questions Could Save Thousands

gi ponders bills 600x400

Content provided courtesy of USAA. If buying a car were only as simple as buying a pack of gum — pick a flavor, plunk down your cash and go on your way. But buying a new vehicle involves enough financial decisions to make your head spin. "Even after you've chosen the vehicle itself, the way you handle the purchase can have a significant impact... more

They're in the Middle of an Adoption and He Cheated

Ms. Vicki

Dear Ms. Vicki, I am 23 years old, my husband is 24 and we have been married for almost five years. He is an E-5 in the Navy. We have one daughter who is three months old, and we are the foster parents to my husband's two-year-old cousin. We are in the process of adopting his cousin, and the adoption is almost final. We had a hard time get... more

2 Iraqi Army Generals Killed in IS Suicide Bombing

Broken glass remains at the scene of a suicide bomb attack at Adan Square, located in a predominantly Shiite part of the capital, Baghdad, Iraq, Monday, Feb. 9, 2015. (AP Photo)

BAGHDAD — Iraqi military officials say an Islamic State suicide bomber has killed two army generals as they led forces against IS positions in turbulent Anbar province west of Baghdad. They say the bomber drove his explosives-laden vehicle into advancing troops north of Anbar's provincial capital, IS-held Ramadi on Thursday. The officials spok... more

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