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Care Packages

5 Tips for Celebrating Father's Day When the Must-Do Parent Is Away

Must-Have Parent

Procrastinator's alert: Father's Day is this Sunday. In my house, the holiday it's more like Far-ther's Day because my husband is, once again, far away. Like many of you, we will have to find a way to honor the man of the house without him actually being present to bask in the adoration. Gift-giving holidays are especially challenging whe... more

Sending Edible Treats to the Middle East: Culinary Care Package

care package 428x285

Anyone who has deployed to the Middle East knows that sending chocolate is usually an exercise in futility. It melts, quickly. While a chocolate Easter bunny missing his ears is just a quality issue, there are safety concerns when mailing food overseas. First, if the product you’re sending needs to be refrigerated or was purchased from the... more

Care Packages for a Military Spouse

Spa massage

A recent survey conducted by Army Wife Network of nearly 2,000 military spouses revealed some interesting findings when it comes to celebrating and appreciating the military spouse. Participants were asked to vote on (or add) their favorite item that would be included in a "military spouse appreciation package". As expected, many voted for the ... more

Putting Care into Care Packages

care package pack group 250x166

Care packages are our only means of sending the comforts of home to our loved ones putting their blood, sweat and tears into our freedom. If sending a box crammed with Pogey Bait — yet another piece of Marine Corps slang meaning "junk food" — is what it takes to get our Marines through another day, we’re up for it! But what do we put in those... more

Online Program Sends Care Packages to Troops, Families

Just in time for the holidays, Operation Homefront has launched "eCarePackage," an online service that allows caring citizens to send care packages to deployed troops and their families. Operation Homefront is part of CinCHouse.com, a community for military wives, and is a team member of America Supports You, a Department of Defense program conn... more

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