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Armored Vehicles

Separatists Seize Ukrainian Armored Vehicles

 | Apr 16, 2014

Pro-Russian armed separatists have seized five armored personnel carriers and a tank from the Ukrainian army, which they then drove in a victory lap through the center of Kramatorsk in Ukraine's east, where government forces are attempting to wrest back control of the city. About 100 heavily armed men, some in balaclavas and wearing military fa... more

BAE Improving Classic CV90 IFV

cv90 ifv 428x285

Aviation Week's DTI | Nov 29, 2012

This article first appeared in Aviation Week & Space Technology. As it enters its 20th year in service, the CV90 tracked infantry fighting vehicle is just getting started. The platform, in service with six nations and produced here by BAE Systems Hagglunds, is about to be delivered in a range of new variants that include medical evacuation, mor... more

The Early Days of Motorized Military Vehicles

GMC World War I military truck

The U.S Army's first use of trucks in a military operation was in the "Punitive Expedition" in pursuit of "Pancho" Villa into the mountains of northern Mexico in 1916.  The Villistas had raided Columbus, N.M., killing several people and causing much damage.  Brigadier General John Pershing organized a large force of troops, horses, and vehicles ... more

Spoils of War: Police Getting Leftover Iraq Trucks

police mrap 600x400

Associated Press | Nov 25, 2013

QUEENSBURY, N.Y. - Coming soon to your local sheriff: 18-ton, armor-protected military fighting vehicles with gun turrets and bulletproof glass that were once the U.S. answer to roadside bombs during the Iraq war. The hulking vehicles, built for about $500,000 each at the height of the war, are among the biggest pieces of equipment that the Def... more

How GM's Divisions Tackled the War Effort

B-24 Bomber at GM Plant

(In the coming months will profile companies that have provided significant support to the U.S. military in times of national crisis. This is Part II of a three-part series profiling General Motors' contribution to America's warfighting capabilities during World War II. This story was adapted from "The Complete History of General Mo... more

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