Armed Services YMCA

For many years, the Armed Services YMCA has been a place for servicemembers to turn. It is a separate organization from the civilian YMCA and is dedicated to serving only military personnel.

Operating from more than 60 program locations and 24 branches and affiliates at most major military installations in the United States, a servicemember can benefit from a wide variety of services that range from recreational events and sports teams to family help in housing and educational programs.

They take care of young servicemembers away from home for the first time during Christmas and Thanksgiving holidays. The organization has been helping military members since before the Civil War, volunteers having gone to the battlefield with the U.S. military from the Civil War to the present.

For more information contact:

Armed Forces YMCA
6359 Walker Lane, Suite 200
Alexandria, Virginia 22310
Phone: (703) 313-9600
Fax: (703) 313-9668
Toll Free: 1 (800) 597-1260

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