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Navy Uniform Updates

The Chief of Naval Personnel has released a uniform policy update providing details of upcoming uniform releases and changes. These include: (1) new recruits will be issued the double breasted all weather coat; (2) the sea bag requirement for the Navy Working Uniform (NWU) Type 1 will be three sets of uniforms instead of four; (3) a new optional black cold weather parka (CWP) will be authorized for wear; (4) the Navy Blue Coverall will be discontinued as a Navy uniform and re-designated as a dirty work component only; (5) unit commanding officers at sea or regional commanders will be able to grant permission to wear the Navy Black Knit Watch Cap for Sailors during cold weather conditions; and (6) effective immediately, flag officers may now wear a command-at-sea or a command ashore/project manager insignia pin they previously earned. Also, some uniforms components are being discontinued.

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