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Everyone who joins the military has to meet with a recruiter. For some, just the thought of meeting with a recruiter can cause anxiety. This section helps prepare you to meet with the recruiter by helping you to knowing what to expect, who to take to the interview with you and what questions you need to ask the recruiter. Being prepared makes the interaction so much easier!


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    ASVAB Test Explained
    The ASVAB measures your strengths, weaknesses, and potential for future success in military and civilian occupations.
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    ASVAB Practice Tests
    These tests will give you an idea of how you'll score, and identify areas that need improvement.
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    What to Expect When You Take the ASVAB
    Department Of Defense
    Once the recruiter has determined that you are qualified for further processing, you will be scheduled to take the ASVAB.
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    ASVAB Study Tips
    How well you do on the ASVAB will depend in large part upon how well you prepare -- here are some basic tips and strategies to ...
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    Taking the ASVAB: Tips and Strategies
    Follow these do's and don'ts on the day you take the ASVAB test.
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    ASVAB Scores and Military Occupational Specialties
    Your ASVAB scores determine what occupations you qualify for in the military.
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    ASVAB Retest Policy
    Didn't get the ASVAB score you wanted? You can retake the test for a new score, but there are a few limitations to consider.