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Much of a midshipmen's professional training during their four-year curriculum is received during summer training.

  • Navy summer training includes Career Orientation and Training for Midshipmen (CORTRAMID) for midshipmen third class and Atlantic/Pacific Training of Midshipmen (LANTRAMID/PACTRAMID) for midshipmen second and first class.
  • Midshipmen must ultimately make decisions as to which warfare area they will request to be commissioned into; CORTRAMID and the various summer training programs are designed to instill awareness of these areas and provide midshipmen with the background necessary to make informed decisions regarding their career choice.
  • Possible Summer Training Assignments
    1. Nuclear Power: Midshipmen can be assigned to nuclear submarine or nuclear surface vessels
    2. Marine Corps 6-Week Course: First class Marine Option midshipmen are assigned to Marine units for summer training
    3. CORTRAMID: NROTC second and third class scholarship midshipmen assigned to this training. Training consists of surface, submarine, aviation, and Marine Corps Orientation
    4. Afloat Aviation Option: Selected midshipmen train aboard a carrier; training includes flight time on navy aircraft if feasible
    5. Ashore Aviation Option: Selected midshipmen train with a Navy aviation squadron, including flight time if feasible
    6. Foreign Exchange Training of Midshipmen (FOREXTRAMID) and Japanese Maritime Self-defense Force (JMSDF) Exchanges: Selected midshipmen train with Navies of other countries
  • Advance Pay:
    • NROTC scholarship/college program midshipmen authorized advance cruise pay
    • Navy provides 80% advance payment to all midshipmen prior to commencement of their proposed training
  • Precruise Brief: NROTC units conduct an extensive precruise brief to prepare midshipmen for summer training

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