Sailor-Marine American Council On Education Registry Transcript (SMART)

An official transcript endorsing and recommending college credit for military education and training and recognized by the American Council on Education (ACE) increases college credit awarded, enhances opportunities to complete a college degree, and offset tuition assistance costs through increased college and university recognition of military schools and experience for credit.

SMART is now available to document ACE recommended college credit for military training and occupational experience. The primary purpose of SMART is to assist servicemembers in obtaining college credit for their military experience. SMART will eventually replace the DD 295, the Application for Evaluation of Learning Experiences during Military Service, which is the form currently submitted to colleges by Sailors and Marines to verify their military experiences. The DD 295 may still be necessary to document some training and experience that is not contained in and cannot be added to current personnel and training databases.

SMART contains the following details:

  • Military occupations held
  • Military training courses completed
  • College-level examinations completed, including:
    • College Level Examination Program (CLEP) tests
    • DANTES Subject Standardized Tests (DSSTs)
  • American College Testing-Proficiency Examination Program (ACT-PEP) tests
  • Regents College Examinations (RCEs)
  • American Council on Education (ACE) recommended credit for each of the above
  • Other Learning Experiences (OLE) - Not all training is granted credit recommendations by ACE. The OLE section of the transcript documents this training and includes reasons why no credit was granted.

SMART also includes the following addendums:

  • Summary
    • Formatted to resemble many college transcripts
    • Streamlines SMART, providing an overview of all ACE-recommended credits
  • Academic Institution Page - lists college courses taken on active duty through Tuition Assistance, Navy College PACE or from CCAF (Community College of the Air Force).

To order the official SMART, follow these steps:

  1. Contact the Registrar Office at the educational institution you want the transcript sent, to determine the correct mailing address before requesting your official SMART.
  2. Download and complete a copy of the SMART Request Form. Mail or fax the form to the address/fax number on the form. The Navy College Center will mail the official SMART to the college(s) you designate. The other option is that you submit the form in person or by fax to your local Navy College Office or Marine Corps Education Center, which will order the official SMART to be mailed to the college(s) you designate.

For more information, see the Navy College Program's SMART section. If you already have a SMART transcript, you can go to the SMART Website to view it.

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