Five Factors to Ensure Online Success

Online Eduication

But just like traditional education, earning an online degree takes hard work and dedication. If you are considering taking online classes, the following five factors will help you excel in the world of online education.

1. Time - You may think that distance education is easier than traditional schooling. That's not true - an online program essentially requires the same time commitment as an on-campus program. It's more convenient, that's all. So plan your schedule accordingly. A typical online college undergraduate class requires three or four hours of class time every week, plus homework. Generally, graduate work requires more time.

2. Communication Skills - Online learning is mainly a reading and writing process. You will need to read and understand assignments, develop your thoughts, and express them convincingly in writing. Some students may need a refresher writing course, which many universities offer.

3. Self-Discipline - Distance learning is often done at home or around work schedules where families and deadlines may become a distraction. You'll need self-discipline and time management skills to learn online.

4. Support - Studies show that students are more likely to succeed if they have the support of family and friends. Before you enroll in an online class, talk to those around you. Make them aware of your time commitment for studying.

5. The Right School - Find a school that offers a degree program that interests you. Use's School Finder to reach out to schools to learn more about their programs and processes. Be sure to ask the enrollment counselor the right questions to make sure they offer the kind of degree, accreditation, support and delivery methods that fir your abilities.

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