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Department of Labor Issues Job Forecast for Next 10 Years

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On December 17, the Department of Labor released its biennial Occupational Outlook Handbook which projects the job market over the next 10 years. The report shows projected growth in service jobs with a decline in manufacturing and government positions.

The manufacturing sector is expected to lose 814,000 jobs between now and 2024; while jobs in health care, personal and professional services, construction, and hospitality are expected to have the highest growth.

Many of the fastest growing jobs including Wind Service Turbine Technician, Commercial Diver, Interpreter, and Cartographer are especially suited for veterans. Others, such as Health Care, Computer Systems Analyst, and Operations Manager are a very good fit for veterans who have technical certifications or a degree. Use our Military Skills Translator to find out how the skills you have learned in the military can translate to a great civilian job.

Once you are ready to seek employment check out our Veterans Jobs section for helpful tips, Military Friendly Jobs, and even Job Fairs in your area that can help you find a great career!


Fastest Growing Jobs for the Next 10 Years According to the Department of Labor
Job Average Salary Projected 10 Year Growth Rate
Wind Turbine Service Technicians $48,800 108%
Occupational Therapy Assistants $56,950 43%
Physical Therapist Assistants $54,410 41%
Physical Therapist Aides $24,650 39%
Home Health Aides $21,380 38%
Commercial Divers $45,890 35%
Nurse Practitioners $95,350 35%
Physical Therapists $82,390 34%
Statisticians $79,990 34%
Ambulance Drivers & Attendants $24,080 33%
Occupational Therapy Aides $26,550 31%
Physician Assistants $95,820 30%
Operations Research Analysts $76,660 30%
Personal Financial Advisors $81,060 30%
Cartographers and Photogrammetrists $60,930 29%
Genetic Counselors $67,500 29%
Interpreters and Translators $43,590 29%
Audiologists $73,060 29%
Hearing Aid Specialists $43,010 27%
Optometrists $101,410 27%


Jobs With the Largest Number of Vacancies in the Next 10 Years According to the Department of Labor
Job Average Salary Projected  Number of New Jobs in the Next 10 Years
Personal Care Aides $20,440 458,100
Registered Nurses $66,640 439,300
Home Health Aides $21,380 348,400
Food Preparation & Serving $18,410 343,500
Retail Sales $21,390 314,200
Nursing Assistants $25,100 262,000
Customer Service Representatives $31,200 252,900
Restaurant Cooks $22,490 158,900
General and Operations Managers $97,270 151,100
Construction Laborers $31,090 147,400
Accountants and Auditors $65,940 142,400
Medical Assistants $29.960 148,900
Janitors and Cleaners $22,840 136,300
Software Developers $95,510 135,300
Laborers and Freight/Stock Movers $24,430 125,100
Office Supervisors $50,780 121,200
Computer Systems Analysts $82,710 118,600
Licensed Practical Nurses $42,490 117,300
Maids and Housekeepers $20,120 111,700
Medical Secretaries $32,240 108,200

The full report is available at the Department of Labor's website.

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