• Communicating With Your Partner On Deployment

    As much as service members would like to establish a schedule for reaching their loved ones, being in a combat zone may interfere.
    Service members using computers.
  • Honoring Children in Month of the Military Child

    Military children exhibit pride in their parents' service and often take on additional duties during deployments.
    Rosemary Freitas Williams
  • Military Families: Connecting During a Deployment

    While your relative is deployed, you may be experiencing many conflicting feelings: pride, worry, fear, love, and frustration.
    Army family group.
  • I Got This!: SOS Student Spouses Take on Project X

    Military spouses are the unsung heroes for many of our men and women in uniform. They constantly face and meet unique challenges.
    SOS Project X with spouses.
  • Taking Care of Kids During a Spouse's Deployment

    It's important to honor your child's special relationship with the service member parent. Here are some activities that can help.
    Everyone Serves, kids making art.
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Early Brief


Deployment Checklist

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NFCU Financial Checklist for Deployment

This handy checklist can help you tie up any "loose ends" prior to your deployment. We've also provided worksheets where you can record important information.

Defining Deployment

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Deployment: An Overview

Strictly speaking, "deployment" refers to activities required to move military personnel and materials -- but it also means more than that.

More Helpful Resources

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During Deployment

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Deployment Guides and Resources

For deploying servicemembers and families, there are resources available to help you during your transitions -- here's a rundown of help programs by service.

Homecoming and Reintegration

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Mobile App Helps Fight Post-deployment Blues

A new mobile application developed by mental health experts combines behavioral therapy with satellite navigation technology to offer returning service members options for adjusting to the slower pace of life at home.

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