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Online Health Services for Veterans

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VA offers Veterans, Servicemembers, their dependents and caregivers their own personal health record through My HealtheVet, found at

My HealtheVet's free, online Personal Health Record is available 24/7 with Internet access. Those with an upgraded account (obtained by completing the one-time in-person authentication* process) can:

  • Refill prescriptions
  • Participate in secure messaging with VA health care team members
  • View key portions of DoD military service information
  • Get VA wellness reminders
  • View VA appointments
  • View VA lab results
  • View VA allergies, adverse reactions and other key portions of their VA electronic health record.
  • View their VA Comprehensive Care Document (CCD)

With My HealtheVet, Veterans can access trusted health information to better manage personal health care and learn about other VA benefits and services.

My HealtheVet helps Veterans partner with VA health care teams by providing tools to make shared, informed decisions. Simply follow the directions on the Website to register. VA patients registered on My HealtheVet can begin to refill VA medications online. Veterans can also use the VA Blue Button to view, print, or download the health data currently in their My HealtheVet account. Veterans can share this information with family, caregivers or others such as non-VA health care providers. It puts the Veteran in control of information stored in My HealtheVet. Accessible through My HealtheVet, VA Blue Button also provides Veterans who were discharged from military service after 1979 access to DoD Military Service Information. This information may include Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) codes, pay details, service dates, deployment, and retirement periods.

*To access the advanced My HealtheVet features, Veterans will need to get an upgraded account by completing a one-time process at their VA facility called in-person authentication. Visit My HealtheVet at, register and learn more about in-person authentication plus the many features and tools available with Internet access. Veterans with questions should contact the My HealtheVet Coordinator at their VA facility.

My HealtheVet can also be accessed via the VA's VETS.GOV website.

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The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) honors the pledge that Military Service Members and Veterans made to protect our nation. As part of VA’s mission to provide world-class services for the men and women who sacrifice for us, we created a dedicated career support program just for them: VA for Vets.

VA is committed to helping Veterans thrive. VA for Vets works to turn this vision into reality by offering the tools they need to launch their civilian careers at VA.

We offer:

• Thorough military skills translation and career matching for Veterans seeking employment.

•  Professional development and deployment lifecycle support for current Veteran and Military Service Member employees.

• Online training and personalized services for supervisors, hiring managers and coworkers who work with our Veteran employees every day.

Come see how VA for Vets is connecting Veterans to information, tools and resources they need to succeed:

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