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Wyoming State Veteran's Benefits

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The state of Wyoming provides several veteran benefits. This section offers a brief description of each of the following benefits.

Wyoming Veteran Housing Programs

Veterans' Home of Wyoming
This home is located on the historic site of Fort McKinney. It was built in the summer and fall of 1878. The home was established in 1895 with the first member being housed at Fort D. A. Russell (now F.E. Warren AFB) in Cheyenne, Wyoming. The home and its resident were transferred from Cheyenne to the home's present location in 1903. It is located three miles west of Buffalo, one-half mile south of Highway 16, at the base of the majestic Big Horn Mountains. Clear Creek from the Big Horns runs through the center of the area surrounding the home and supplies the fresh water for the resident trout pond. Charges are based on a Veteran's ability to pay.


  • Honorably discharged Veteran and resident of Wyoming
  • Cannot be gainfully employed
  • Allowed to have some qualified non-Veterans
    • Must be related to a Veteran that would be eligible
    • Non-Veteran admitted when there is a 10% vacancy

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Wyoming Financial Assistance Programs

Wyoming Veterans Tax Exemption
Apply at your County Assessor’s Office between January 1 and the fourth Monday of May each year. Veterans must be residents of Wyoming three or more years prior to claiming the tax exemption and must have a DD Form 214 or equivalent. Additionally, one of the following must apply: Served in the Armed Forces during World War II, Korean War, or Vietnam War; or must have served overseas during an armed conflict and received an Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal or equivalent; or be a disabled veteran with compensable service-connected disability as certified by VA or a branch of U.S. Armed Forces (agency letter required); or be the surviving spouse of a qualifying veteran who resides in Wyoming and did not remarry. The exemption applies to taxes on a primary residence lowering the assessed value by $3,000. If the exemption is not used on property,it may be applied to a vehicle’s licensing fee.

Family Support Grant Program
Wyoming Guard, Reserves and Active personnel have available a newly created trust fund administered by the Adjutant General from which "grantor of last resort" funds are available for service members and their family members in need of assistance.

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Wyoming Veteran Employment Programs

Wyoming Department of Workforce Services
The Department of Workforce Services (DWS) is Wyoming's newest state agency, dedicated to developing a demand-driven workforce that is responsive to Wyoming's businesses, citizens, and economy. Veterans Services ensure assistance is provided or targeted to veterans, including services for veterans who are disabled or have employment issues. A variety of employment and training services are available through DWS and can be easily accessed at:

Employment Assistance

The Wyoming Military Department also has a program to help traditional Guard members and their family members find civilian employment opportunities within their communities. The Wyoming National Guard Jobs Coordinator can assist with resume writing, job interview skills and other tips. Contact the coordinator at (307) 772-5942.

Wyoming Education Assistance Programs

Free tuition and fees for education of War Orphans and Veterans
Wyoming provides 10 free semesters of tuition and fees for overseas combat Veterans at the Wyoming community colleges or the University of Wyoming. Surviving spouses and dependent children are also eligible for this benefit if the military member died in combat.

Wyoming National Guard 100% State Educational Assistance Plan
WY NG members may receive 100% of tuition and mandatory fees at the University of Wyoming, the seven community colleges, and the Wyoming Law Enforcement Academy. Members may receive partial payment of tuition at private colleges and institutions for programs offered within Wyoming.

Operation Recognition (High School Diploma)
Any Veteran of WWII, Korea, or Vietnam who was not able to complete their high school education prior to entering the service may be eligible to receive their diplomas.  Diplomas can also be awarded posthumously. 

Other Wyoming State Veteran Benefits

Oregon Trail State Veterans' Cemetery
The Oregon Trail State Veterans' Cemetery has been established through the cooperative efforts of the Veterans' Commission acting for the State of Wyoming and the National Cemetery Administration of the U. S. Department of Veterans Affairs, successor to the Veterans Administration. The Wyoming Military Department supervises and controls the state veterans' cemetery.

Every veteran that received any discharge, other than dishonorable, from the Armed Forces of the United States is eligible for burial in the cemetery. The spouse, handicapped or minor child of an eligible veteran may also qualify for burial in the State Veterans' Cemetery, providing that the interment of the qualifying family member is in the same burial plot as that provided for the veteran.

Payment for Burial Details
Payment of $50 for services.  All VSO funeral details that have pre-registered with the WVC are eligible.

The Board of County Commissioners will provide for the preparation of and transmittal to and burial in the Veteran's cemetery of any other than a dishonorably discharged Veteran who dies leaving insufficient funds for funeral expenses.  The amount expended is not to exceed $500.00.

Burial of Indigent Veterans
Counties are obliged to provide up to $500 for the burial of indigent veterans upon proof that the deceased veteran received a discharge other than dishonorable for service on behalf of the United States in World War II, or any preceding war, or the Korean or Vietnam wars. The indigent veteran must have died in the county paying the expenses and proof must be shown that he/she left insufficient means to defray the expense.

Special Veterans License Plates
Several commemorative license plates are available to veterans is special groups and categories.

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Free Veterans Game and Fish Licenses
The Wyoming Game and Fish Department offers a number of hunting and fishing licenses to qualified Veterans. Applicants must provide a letter from the VBA Regional Office certifying eligibility.

    Free Fishing License 50% Disabled Veteran, resident of Wyoming for not less than one year and submit a letter from the VBA Regional Office certifying the 50% level of service connected disability of the applicant.

    Free Bird, Small Game, and Fishing Licenses 100% Disabled Veteran, resident of Wyoming for not less than one year and submit a letter from the VBA Regional Office certifying the 100% level of service connected disability of the applicant.

    Free Hunting and Fishing Licenses While on Leave Any Wyoming resident who is on active duty in the U.S. Military deployed to a combat zone, who is home on leave.

    Special Limited Fishing Permit for Hospitalized Veterans In coordination with the Wyoming Game and Fish Department, a free license can be issued by any VA Hospital within Wyoming, Wyoming Department of Health or Wyoming Department of Family Services. Veteran must fish under the direct control of the institution.

    Free State Parks Pass Wyoming State Parks & Cultural Resources offers a 50% Disabled Veteran Annual Day Use and Camping Lifetime Permit. You must be a resident of Wyoming for not less than one year and submit a letter from the VBA Regional Office certifying the 50% level of service connected disability of the applicant.

Visit the Wyoming Veterans Commission website for more information on any of these programs.

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